Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week TechVideo, 2011 #37 - Crawling

It seems the hot topic of the moment... is about Rock Crawlers.

Thus I've selected for this week one video from a true fan of Rock Crawling, who has been experimenting such vehicles with LEGO Technic elements, for long! Marcelo Raus from his name.

Notice the outstanding performance, from the video on the right side.

This model uses a couple of PF XL-motors (one in each axis) and an M-motor for steering.
Notice it doesn't use original LEGO tires, but some soft rubber ones for optimal crawling performance. LEGO tires would not pass obstacles like these.
But tires are not the only unofficial parts in this model. If you take a look at other videos from this model, certainly you will find more intrusive or adapted parts...
Somehow it confirms the special requirements imposed by a big and motorized Crawler like this one, and supports the ongoing online discussions about requirements from an hypothetical Row Crawler to be released by TLG, as 2H12 flagship for the LEGO Technic theme.

Along the crawlers, Marcelo has also built many other TrTr vehicles and cars.
You may find more models from him, at his Brickshelf folder and huge amount of short performing videos from his models at his YouTube channel.

In the meantime you can also take a look to this other Off Roader from Marcelo.

Don't get nervous... September 2012, is not that far away!...


Karol Ciszek said...

The rock crawler by Marcelo Raus are indeed great! Simple and efficient, it doesn't compromise its functionality for sophistication.

I would like to see a model like this in Technic future lineup, especially if its 100% remotely steered!

However, I feel that the possible 2H2012 crawler has to be a lot different (bigger & with more functions) if its going to be the flagship...

BTW, where can you buy these awesome tires from Marcelo's crawler?

TechnicBRICKs said...

Guess these are tires sold as kits for RC cars, in specialized stores or websites.

There are several AFOLs using RC tires in their models. Maybe the best known case is Nicjasno and his famous Mustang.

In fact such specialized huge tires made of soft rubber with reliefs, would be a great addition from TLG, for the TrTr and Rock Crawling fans!

Allanp said...

It performce great over obsticles, but for me it would have to have a much more sophisticated and realistic drive train tio be a technic flagship, otherwise it's just a VERY over priced RC toy. I'm talking about gearbox/transmission and so on. I hope they release a whole bunch of new gearbox parts to achieve that, and maybe a new diff.

Any thoughts on how TLG would provide steering to such an RC model? I'm thinking servo motor! Oh yeah baby!

x326 said...

ive made a complete steering system to add to a drive train thats PF on ldd... only it might be too bulky and i might rebuild it using a different method (as in U-joints instead of a gear setup for when it turns)

x326 said...

oh and i just thought... does the flagship have to be big? if it doesn't this could be similar to size as the flagship, PF, remote controlled, HOPEFULLY new "giant" tires or wheels... or both, and maybe a new kind of suspension system to where the axles can tilt to great angles, i say tilt to at least 65 degree angles, thats if its going to be an extreme rock crawler, and hopefully if it is small(er) than normal flagships with pf-rc, a small(er) price tag, its hard to keep up with the two $200 prices right now... maybe $100 this time... hopefully

nxtinventor said...

Just invest your money in a axial crawler if you want a rock crawler, way better performance than a lego. Lego has no oil filled shocks, only friction shocks, which are very bouncy and unrealistic. The new Unimog is somewhere around 250 bucks, where you can get an axial for about 150 used or 275 brand new. Or get a short course truck or buggy! about 190 $ and 30 mph! and MUCH more realistic than a lego!

222Doc said...

A crawler/real FWD wont have a un lockes dif it will have a locker or a dif with lockers or at least limited slip. My Jk Rubicon Jeep has difs that can be locked with a push of a button. A FWD with unlocked difs is a two wheel drive that power only goes to the wheels with no traction add a center dif only makes things worse, now only power goes to the frount or rear that has the least traction. Lego uses a dif so that the wheel that has traction wont, this is how they are able to keep things from breaking.

Raus Design said...

Hi guys!
Thanks for the comments and compliments about the Moc. I do not think Lego to build this type of model controlled via power function. They made one or Truck Trial which is much better known among AFOLs. But it would be great if it happens!

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