Friday, October 21, 2011

LEGO Community Survey - October 2011

I have once again been asked to share a survey with you:

LEGO has been posting quarterly surveys for some time now. The last couple of surveys have been quite repetitive and with no other apparent purpose than to comply with the need to put out a quarterly survey, but this time things look a bit more interesting.

I have already taken the survey and there are a couple of things I'd like to comment.

For starters there have been a lot of complaints about the aggressive colours: true, yellow and red are very LEGO, but some of the lists make you want to put on your sunglasses, so be warned :D

Also, this survey asks about you involvement in on-line communities, both LEGO and non-LEGO (from Facebook to EuroBricks). There is no clear insight into why certain communities have been included in this list (Bricklink even twice) and others, like TechnicBRICKs haven't. It is a pity there is no option to add information on the community of your choosing, but this fact has been brought to the attention of LEGO and I will get back to you with any feedback I receive.

Finally, and this has been the subject of some comment on the Ambassador forum, it appears there are quite some AFOLs out there who do not know what a LEGO Ambassador is and that their community has one. I am pretty confident that the TechnicBRICKs readership know they have an Ambassador and that they can contact him (me) with any questions or concerns they would like him to convey to LEGO. The reason this survey is posted here is because the Ambassadors were asked to post it in their respective communities, and TechnicBRICKs has a LEGO Ambassador.

Just making sure you know/remember.


santi said...

As always in these surveys, "Spain" is not considered neither "southern Europe" nor "Western Europe", you have to say "other" and specify the country... weird considering that there is a pretty active LEGO AFOL community in Spain.

I also found it weird that TechnikBRICKs wasn't in the survey. :)

KEvron said...

if i were an ambassador, i'd wear a sash....


Ondra said...

I think most of us will write-"Looking for leaks and preliminary photos from retailers catalogue" :-D .

And I really miss technicbricks in that list :-(...

TechnicBRICKs said...

Looking at the list as it is, I'd say that maybe other communities will appear in future editions of the survey. :/

Jetro said...

I'm as puzzled as you are about how communities were selected and why TBs is not in this survey. If I get a response I'll let you know.

@Santi: Spain wasn't included in Europe in the previous survey either and I complained about it then and again now. Let's hope they actually do something with the feedback we give them.

Alex Campos said...

Since the survey's own URL says it is geared towards AFOLs, I guess TLG could have used a more subtle background... even with images turned off, the site is a retina burner! So I can't fill the survey at work, it'll have to wait until I get home.

Allanp said...

If think which countries are included are for example only and are not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the countries in a particular area.

santi said...

@Allanp, given that the division of Europe they use is non-standard, it doesn't make sense to use "example countries only". The borders of those regions are not clear, and many countries do not clearly belong to only one of those categories. Thus, the only logical way to interpret them is as literally including only those countries.

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