Sunday, October 2, 2011

The new LEGO Brick Separator

I've seen this some days ago, but at the time didn't even remembered it could make a post here at TBs .
At least until today when I saw a new topic about it at EuroBricks. Although, since I've seen some other better pictures I decided to share them here too.

LEGO released a new version of the old Brick Separator, which now features a new Tecnhic 1L axle, to help you releasing Technic axles from some other parts.

Contrary to my initial concerns, it was a relief when I concluded that the new design still allows to use a couple of Brick Separators to put plates appart, like in the example below. As in the older version, it is the hollow underneath that we will see below, which is responsible to keep this essential retro-compatibility feature.
Demonstration using the old Brick Separators (Illustration taken from Philo's website).

But that's not all, so let's see the new features one-by-one:

The new LEGO Brick Separator has a LEGO Technic axle-pusher, to remove those stubbornly stuck LEGO axles.
I use to look around for another axle to push out the one that was stuck, hence I'm still not convinced if I'm going to change my methods, but some other builders may find this quite handy.

The new LEGO Brick Separator also has a thinner, pointer tile-remover at the back-end than the old Brick Separator tool. Its thinness allows it to slide under stuck tiles.

Another nifty feature is the off-set jumper-plate remover at the bottom of the new LEGO Brick Separator. This is something the original Brick Separator can't do, so a very nice addition!

The new LEGO Brick Separator debut with the new Mini Modulars set (10230) last weekend, at Skaerbaek, during the "LEGO Fan Weekend" event. It will be included with the new set, due to be released in Jan 2012.
In between I guess you may order it as a spare element via LEGO Education, for less then 2 Euros.


delithug said...

I don't understand what was wrong with the old one that they had to design a new version...

TechnicBRICKs said...


Nothing fundamentally wrong I'd say! They have just applied some improvements:
- Smaller (thinner) to reach places before inaccessible (2L wide).
- Axle-pusher for Technic axles removal.
- Thinner end, for easier tiles removal.
- Improved capability to remove jumpers.

Wiseman_2 said...

Could be useful, but for Technic I'll probably still use a regular axle; though when you've got two axles pushed through a pair of those 2L liftarms, which are really hard to separate, the extra leverage could come in handy.

Phil Eudy said...

the one long axel idea was originally done by Bill Bourn. Ask him, he will say yes it was.

Parax said...

I have it on good authority that Lego intend to include the new separator in many larger (1000+ Piece) sets. It is easy to wear down the 'sharp end' so it will need replacing often.

minks502 said...

I just use my handy Leatherman Tool for those hard-to-separate pieces.

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