Monday, October 10, 2011

TechnicBRICKs turns 4

Intro by Alexandre,

And there goes another year! Four years ago, when TBs started, there was some doubt about whether or not this project would have "legs" to move on its own. We can all see the result.

Unlike what the tag line says, TechnicBRICKs has become much more than "yet another LEGO blog". It has become a reference to LEGO Technic fans all around the world, as well as a window into the world of the Technic Team, as can be seen from the kind interviews they gave, the two TechReverse contests, the nomination of a TBs LEGO Ambassador, and other neat stuff. So, here goes a big "Thank You" to TLG and the Technic Team, for all your support and kindness!

However, a possibly bigger "Thank You" goes to all of you in the audience, who read the blog, leave comments on its articles, spread word of it to your friends... in essence, you who make TBs alive.

But enough of congratulations: let's not rest on the past accomplishments, and keep the work that has led us here. Who knows what aways us during the next year? The sky is the limit! (really, the sky is the limit: it's an acknowledged fact that pure LEGO creations can't fly by themselves ).

Self praises apart... that's true, TBs celebrates another year! I won't bother you with the usual visitors and traffic numbers but leave you here the pageloads evolution for your information. One thing turns evident - the number of visits are directly related to the number of posts and their frequency. These have not been so frequent as before, but there are a couple of children at home that do not leave me with the extra time, mood and energy for much more (at least this is the best excuse that I can articulate). But there is plenty of time ahead of us to make it better.

And as usual our confectioner made something special for us to celebrate (thanks Alexandre).
It is served by four Technic Figs and something makes me think I know who they are...

As matter of coincidence (or not) we were two editors by the 2nd anniverary, three by the 3rd and now we are four at the 4th anniversary.
Who knows if there is a fifth coming in... (just kidding).

The journey continues for another year... and in the meantime, Happy Birthday TBs !


Parda said...

Happy birthday TB's!!!

And keep the good work! All the technic fans like me visits at least once a day (or once each entry ^_^ ).

In other way check this creation! Technic human powered flying device!

Junkstyle Gio said...

Happy birthday to TB's!

If feels a bit like my own....

Keep up the good work!

Allanp said...

Happy Birthday TBs and congratulations on another year, keep up the astounding work.

222Doc said...

My most favorite Lego site. To another year, cheers.



Tom said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good work, I've been a lurker here pretty much since the beginning and spread the word to many about your great blog. Looking forward to another great year.


P.S. We will over come that flyig Lego limitation someday.

KEvron said...

bravo, TBs! and thanks for the excellent forum.


Sheepo said...

Congratulaions to all TBs staff!!!

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday Technicbricks,
happy birthday to you !!!

x326 said...

whoa... technic guys had ears????

Alex Campos said...

Of course they have ears! ;)

Barman said...

Congrates to TB. After 4 years still going strong. Keep up the good work!!!

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