Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Building Instructions for 1H2012 LEGO Technic sets, available online

The building instructions for the 1H2012 LEGO Technic sets and respective B-models, are now available for download at

Below you have the direct links to download all the instruction books,

  • 9390 (B-Model - Mini Race Car)
    Book 1/1

  • 9391 (Main Model - Mini Crane)
    Book 1/1

  • 9392 (Main Model - Quad Bike)
    Book 1/1

  • 9394 (B-Model - Acrobatic Plane)
    Book 1/1

Happy building!


Victor Leewan said...
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Victor Leewan said...

Why, on the beams, the holes between the pinholes have disappeared ?
Does it means that there will be a new version for technic beams ?

Victor Leewan said...

Oh, also, there would be another clue for a redesign of the beams : I know that the model on the prelim box art is a render, but one can see on the 9396 (top of the cabin and rotor) that beams are "full" too.

Ryan said...

These renders always lacked the slits.
It is unlikely Lego will ditch the slits. It would cost them more plastic.

They also ommited the slits in the thin liftams and in connectors.

I think it is to safe ink in the instructions. Some of the instructions of last year's B models had no slits either.

Victor Leewan said...

I checked the renders of the last leaks ( 2H2010, 1H2011, 2H2011 ,1H2012), and they DO all have the slits.

"They also ommited the slits in the thin liftams and in connectors."

I haven't seen each page of instructions, so I can't totally contradict you, but I can tell you that on the 2nd book of the #9394 (page 11, for example), thin liftarms do also have the slits.

Also, though I haven't yet seen "real" BIs, why would TLC want to save ink in case of virtual booklets ?

I know that remove slits would use more plastic, but wouldn't it make the beams stronger ?

Ryan said...

Check out this prelim image. The lack of slits is visible in the tow truck 9395

And they changed the printed instructions to save ink and therefore the online instructions.

If TLG really decides to remove the slits they are up for loud protests. It will change the look of Technic drastically

TechnicBRICKs said...

I do also believe, the slits are there to stay! :)

Ryan said...

Is there a way you can check this with your sources at TLG

After all, the 16t clutch gears changed also. This was first visible in the instructions...

If they decide to change the beams people will go mad! Why do this after many years?

Khan said...

Don't worry, the slits will remain, since they are a molding feature : they're here to maintain a constant thickness of plastic throughout the part. If the thickness is not kept constant, then slight recesses will appear under bulky areas of the part, when the injected plastic cools down. Actually, we can already detect them on the sides of our technic beams.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Good point! Better explanation!

Nevertheless and apart from the aesthetics I guess it wouldn't be a big issue if we get such recessions, as you have mentioned and very well, we already observe them on the sides.

Although I believe the slits also increase the structural resistance, decrease weight on the models and save a lot of ABS, which of course costs money.

Victor Leewan said...

@ Ryan : Oh, I've forgotten this. x)

I hope too that the slits will stay, (even if, of course, I defend my theory ^^ ) but it reminds me the remold of the 16t clutch gear, as you said, so I though it was rather weird.

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