Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Man of the Men... website, meanwhile renamed to, has been updated along the last 12 months with new content, links, new LEGO Technic sets (the largest and most appealing for adults) and even some large sets from other LEGO themes.

There is a new game based on the 8110, Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400 where you're challenged to throw a log of wood with the Unimog crane, as far as you can.
The record is now at 99,30 meters, and I don't think it will get beaten with ease... Give it a try!

On the same site you will find another kind of internet social game (a Facebook application) where you're challenged to proof you are the man of the men... Quite sexist and provocative this idea, specially when associated to a LEGO product... 

Nevertheless, here are the rules of game,

Do you want to become MAN OF THE MEN? 
It’s as simple as this: challenge one of your friends to a duel.
Your Facebook profile will decide whether you win or lose. There are five evaluation criteria: 
1. Ladies’ man
Which of you knows the most women? Whoever does will get the best score. 
2. Leader of the pack
Have your friends ‘liked’ something more times than you can count? Then you’ll definitely be the winner in this category. 
3. Trendsetter
Always bombarded with comments on your posts? Then bravo! 
4. Globetrotter
Inquisitive, lots of interests and countless hobbies – does this sound like you? Then you’ll win this category as well. 
5. Coolness factor
Love showing what you have and what you can do? Preferably with as many pictures as possible? Then you’ll be getting all the points here.
You can win or lose in each category. If you win each category, this is counted as a KO win. 
You win: 100 points
Per KO, you win: 200 points
You lose: 50 points
One-off bonus: 200 points when you become a fan of the LEGO Facebook page. 
And remember, if you lose, you can always challenge your opponent to another duel.
Get duelling!

Are you a man? Or...


quincy said...

What's up with that!? ...That is way sexist. ...Not really appealing.

TechnicBRICKs said...


That's matter to ask, what's going on in Germany? :P

quincy said...

Yeah, when I first saw that 'Man of the Men' line I was just choking it up to a communication barrier. ...I prefer technic having a designer-centric tone. ...Not this.

Well, get your screen grabs now. Something tells me this won't be around for very long.

Kenneth Westelinck said...

In the book "Lego, a love story" the author is talking about Lego struggling to get female attention (that's why they introduced Belville). I don't see why technic should be a boy-only or male-adult-fan-only toy :/
Indeed, WTF is going on in Germany ...

Martin said...

Very stupid, indeed.
No recommendation at all, neither content nor design nor technical realisation.
Hard to accept that it is an official LEGO site ...

TechnicBRICKs said...

From the conceptual POV I can understand the large LEGO Technic sets may be too less appealing for a women audience. Then when trying to increase the adult market, the "LEGO for Men" strategy in the Technic segment, could be an interesting marketing campaign and potentially effective and could even lead women to offer these models to their pairs. So the initial implementation one year ago was somehow still under the limits, however now this facebook game sounds absolutely unreasonable not to mention it is totally devoid of content.

Jetro said...

Disappointing, to put it mildly.

And what's with scores 1-9 being the exact same distance and user name??

KEvron said...

ugh. not just sexist, but adolescently so.


tripletschiee said...

I am a little astonished about the comments above.
The Lego Unimog is a male thing. The real Unimog is male thing. Maybe there are 0,1% of all Unimog drivers women, but in general a Unimog is male ("Der Unimog").
It is the same as with a Lamborghini. Those cars are build for men! And NO, this comment is NOT political incorrect. It's fact! If those cars would be build for women, they would have other features!
And the Barbie dolls are made for girls! NO, they are NOT made for boys! Has anybody a problem with that? NO! So why is it so strange to call a highly techical thing like a Unimog male?
The only thing that can be addressed towards TLG is the stupid thing to use anglizism in Germany.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Ok, another point of view. It is always welcome! :)

Allanp said...

I don't really see it as being sexist. Certainly not as sexist as the way men are increasingly being depicted as generally useless by the media, always having to rely on a women to put things right. But it IS childish, I mean seriously, a facebook coolness factor? You get more "man" points by liking the Lego page on Facebook? You become cool by spending your time hiding behind a computer screen instead of going out and socialising with real people face to face? Is this what it means to be cool or a man today? If it is sexist then it is probably more sexist towards men than anything! But there is no question as to it's childishness perhaps due to what the creators of this site deem to be cool! Lego is cool, but building/playing with it does not make you cool, no toy can make you cool, having hundreds and thousands of facebook friends does not make you cool or a real man. It may be harmless, effective advertising, but it has no appeal to me. I did have a go at that game for haha's, but I get the same 99.3 meters most of the time, guess that's the limit. Anywho, now that that's off my chest, i'm off to do one of the countless other better things to do than to socialise on my own! (isn't that what facebook is!)

Wiseman_2 said...

@ Allanp

If you go out and buy any men's magazine - the top shelf variety - you'll see that this website is pretty mature by comparison (at least when you consider UK magazines).

quincy said...

Yep, this sort of bewilderment and confusion leads me to stand by my original thoughts: This is not a good campaign.

To the majority of folks on this page... You all sound like nice folks. Gerhard, you sound okay too. Even if you're a little excitable. ;)

Allanp said...

Only today I read in the paper an article about how women are the ones resposible for making the festive season enjoyable whilst men apparently do next to nothing to help. And also today another article in the same paper about how the UK government is drafting laws that make certain acts of men against women illigal and prosecuteable (and rightly so) BUT not making that same act illigal when it is a women commiting that act against a man, apparently that's still fine to do, at least from what I could tell from how the artical was written. Yet I bet there will be not a single shout of sexism other than my own. But here we have an advertising campaign that, whilst childish and stupid, does nothing but advertise the fact that the unimog is designed to be a big boys toy, and yet there are cries of sexism. It's doesn't really make any sence in the wider scheme of things does it.

TechnicBRICKs said...

About large and complex LEGO Technic sets as a men's toy... Do you still remember Jennifer Clark? :D

Dave said...

If this ad campaign were to take place in the USA, there would be women's groups BOYCOTTING Lego! The sexist ads would be pulled in about two days here. I lived in Berlin, Germany for 3 years and I don't think they tolerate sexism there either.

Allanp said...

Yeah, I remember her, she built one of my favorite excavators!

Alex Campos said...

For an ad campaign that's supposed to be targeted at adults, it sure is juvenile!

At least the "Man of the Men" competition doesn't have any prizes: I always hate these popularity contests, where the one who gets the most people to vote wins, independently of whether the entry has any quality whatsoever.

Yes, I too would like to know what Jennifer would say about this...

Stephen said...

Some people don't realize one of the best designers of Lego creations is a WOMAN!
Yes, this thing is sexist, What where they thinking?
I have assembled and still have built almost all of Jennifer Clarks'
designs, the best for their time.
Her models are some of my most favorite.

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