Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thin triangle liftarm redesigned

Some of the new 1H2012 LEGO Technic sets, have been reported to ship with a redesigned version of the "Technic, Liftarm Triangle Thin" (2905) part.

New mold number is 99773.

New mold parts in DBG, old one in Yellow.

Most likely the new design will replace the old one, rather then both co-existing in the future. This because the same new set (9390 Mini Tow Truck) was received by different persons with the old and new versions of the same part. So most likely the old version is already being phased-out, with TLG warehouse exhausting their stocks and whatever you get just depends on the date your set was packaged.
Although the old design is still the one listed in the partslist at the end of the instruction booklets. Some photos we start to see around also show the old design. It is for instance the case of the yellow ones at the 9391 Mini Crane.
Ont the other hand "old" sets like 8070 Supercar, from the 1H2011, is now already being shipped with the new version (I'm building two of them right now).

It is my conviction that this new designed was motivated to allow the possibility to use any other parts, adjacent to the liftarm axle-holes where the triangle extended before. 
The new design might look a bit weird now that we are used to the old one, but guess soon no one will think about it anymore.


Dave said...

If you use two of the new Technic Triangle Liftarms side-by-side, it will make an extra-strong 3x5 T-shaped brace for heavy-duty applications!

TechnicBRICKs said...


Also the former design did, isn't it!? ;)

Dave said...

Yes, but now the "coat-hanger" shape has been trimmed to allow more room for neighboring parts (as you noted).

Mr B said...

Loving this, I've had interference troubles in the region they've removed material from so many times with the old pieces.

Dryw said...

I love this new version of the part already. The number of times I wanted to use the triangle, but could because of the triangle extending over the axle-holes is countless. This is a major improvement to the usability of the part.
Can't wait to have loads of these.

Alex Campos said...

This new version of the element is also being used on sets with older launch dates: yesterday I was assembling an 8070 Supercar and it also came with the new triangles (as well as the new versions of both kinds of 16T gear).

quincy said...

Good fix!

KEvron said...

at first glance, it does seem like a good fix. opening the sides provides for more options, but the perpendicular has lost a bit of wiggle room in the redesign. just sayin'.


Philo said...

Now available also as LDraw model...

Jetro said...

Thanks Philo!

SLFroden said...

It should be noted that some previous Lego sets have relied upon the exact geometry of the triangular piece, such as the 7471 Mars Exploration Rover (see this instruction page). The old triangular piece allowed the mast to stand up straight (see complete model here).

Just something to be aware of if trying to piece together older sets with the new triangular piece.

Parax said...

Its good to hear its in current sets, I'd guessed this was going to be a phased in part as it was not in any of the artwork for the 2012 set, It's a positive improvement :D

Erik Leppen said...

It's a step in the right direction, but to me it's really a half-solution. They should remove the triangular parts altogether and just make a 5 x 3 t-shaped liftarm. Afterall the diagonal sections are mostly useless.

But the new design is an improvement, that's certain :)

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