Sunday, January 1, 2012

Further price and partcount details on 2H2012 LEGO Technic sets

EB user menad, reported to have found extra info from 2H2012 LEGO Technic sets, at an Hungarian online LEGO shop. Namely prices and partcount:

  • 9398 - 4x4 Crawler:
    1327 pieces
    47.250 HUF (approximately 150-160€)

  • 9396 - Helicopter:
    1056 pieces
    24.180 HUF (approximately 80€)

  • 9393 - Tractor:
    353 pieces
    7.800 HUF (approximately 30-40€)

These same names also appear now listed at Brickset. So the flagship name is now again referenced as '4x4 Crawler' and the still unseen 9393 Tractor comes up once more.
There has been in the past years always one set per semester whose images tend to appear sometime later than the others. This has been usually related with some sort of limited availability like being an exclusive from and some large toys retailer like Toys'R Us (it varies for each country). This is the reason why the images are not included in the dealers' catalog, which tends to be the first source of information 'widely' available and thus the delay for us in getting early images from such sets.
But it seems to be one set missing still, against the numbers from the most recent years - 9 sets (6+3) against 10 (6+4), excluding promotional Super Packs.

Either the prices here advanced are some sort of discounted prices (typical from some online stores) or these look a bit strange for the 2H sets.
  • The Tractor at 7.800 HUF (bellow 30€) is not an usual price for the smaller 2H set. Typically set at 40€.
  • The second largest reference seems also below the usual target. 2011 Flatbed Truck (8109) retails around 90€ - Ok here there is a PF motor included which we still don't know if it will decome the case in 9396 (so far the information retrieved from the box images is contradictory).
  • As for the flagship, everything is still open. Price is lower than in 2011, but so it is the anticipated number of parts. In this perspective the price could even be seen as relative high. It will all depends whether new valued PF motors will confirm or not.
    As a matter of curiosity the part count is now at the level of 8275 Motorized Buldozer, released in 2006 when the LPF system was introduced for the first time. These sets are also comparable somehow, when the PF main function of both is the ability to drive them remotely. Then the active PF elements, number of parts (size and weight) are necessarily comparable also, for the same PFS specifications.


    KillinQuality said...

    Hi! I think you talkes this about: I am a Hungarian! This is the one of the most expensive LEGO online store in Hungary! I think those prices are not referencies about the new sets price! It 15% are most expensive than real price! If you see the another sets prices, you can check it!

    Happy Buliding 4 everyone :)

    TechnicBRICKs said...

    Yes it might be that store.
    But if these are premium prices, than they are even more strange, because they seem already below the usual prices... However end street prices are not easy to compare across different countries.

    Allanp said...

    I just hope it brings the anticipated new motors. Have you seen what servos can do in a technic model? Just look at the demag h135 excavator currently frontpaged on eurobricks. With a proper servo (that's proportional and not just left/middle/right), you could replace all those NXTs in that excavator with much smaller and cheaper electronics. There's a lot riding on the 4x4 crawler for sure!

    TechnicBRICKs said...


    Yes, I saw the Demag :)

    As for the Crawler, with the current 8885 PF remote I just can't see how the hypothetical servos can work in a proportional way.
    However if these confirm, I hope that they support proportional control from 8879 remote or two be forward compatible with some eventual later remote more suitable for other uses than trains... :P

    Tristan said...

    Using the 8879, proportional control is quite simple (As the IR mode is a PWM signal and most servos use PWMs to adjust).

    For the 8885, it is more difficult as there is probably only on (Forwards), off, on (Backwards) sent by the remote. IE no middle ground. Now a possible solution is to make the servo return to centre when the Remote is [sending] Off.

    This is, electronically, not very difficult even if a micro-controller is required. The biggest problem in my eyes will be cost.

    Certainly the Receiver and Protocol allow for these more advanced solutions without a hardware upgrade.

    Allanp said...

    The crawler box currently shows m-motors, probably as place holder images. Maybe the remore is just a place holder image too.

    TechnicBRICKs said...

    From the past examples, I believe on the hypothesis the M-motors may have been used as placeholders. As for the remote, I find it much more unlikely.

    And agree with the comments from Tristan.
    I believe that servo return to center might be trivial, if the motor is not energized, when the remote lever is left in the middle position.

    crowkillers said...

    If this is a slow moving vehicle, would it even need return to center steering..?

    Return to center steering seems like it only works well with quick moving vehicles where you would actually need it to help control the vehicle... Not sure how important it would be when crawling over obstacles...

    TechnicBRICKs said...


    Likely not, but...
    If TLG is gonna release new PF elements it might have the broadest usecases possible, at affordable production costs.
    Thus a generic servo motor should allow proportional control and RTC.

    I'm convinced something new is really on the way. While it may be doubtful we can read 'L-motor' and 'Servo' on the box images, the presence of a "New" logo on both set of motors seems much clear.

    crowkillers said...

    I'm convinced something new is really on the way. While it may be doubtful we can read 'L-motor' and 'Servo' on the box images, the presence of a "New" logo on both set of motors seems much clear."

    I completely agree... I think I said something about a new motor being needed back when the news of a possible Rock Crawler was introduced way before any pics were posted...It was either here or eurobricks... :)

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