Thursday, January 5, 2012


By now, many of you might have heard about ReBrick!

What is ReBrick? May some of you be asking now....

ReBrick is a social media platform facilitated by the LEGO Group, where adult users (13+) can share and discuss user-created LEGO content online.
It is a public stage for LEGO fans to share their wonderful models and creations with the general public.

I'm included in a group of AFOLs worldwide, who have been collaborating with TLG in the concept and development of this new platform (from LEGO fan to LEGO fan).
ReBrick is still in Beta, but it is live for some days now. So, a few AFOLs have taken responsibility as ReBrick Curators for specific themes. Sometime ahead others will take over and from there we will see how to proceed.
Curators will be those responsible to maintain the bookmarks for the themes in their specific area of responsibility, change the categories if not correctly assigned by their submitters, and promote some of the content to the rotating Recommended Bookmarks at ReBrick frontpage.

I just wanted to let you know, that at this early stage, I will be your ReBrick Curator for the LEGO Technic bookmarks, during the next couple of months.

Just come in to visit ReBrick and find how it works. Register if you like it and start posting your preferred models. We will have some interaction also there!

Enjoy! Keep posting the content of your preference still not there and help us to improve ReBrick, to better serve the AFOLs' needs!


Parda said...

Nice to know.

DanielM said...

I like it! Is there a suggestion section on rebrick? I know it is still in the beta version, but I think there are a couple things that could be improved. I really do like the site though.

BobBongo said...

A good x-plattform to merge the different input pages. But, it is at the moment as laggy as the MOC Pages.

TechnicBRICKs said...


ReBrick has still many features being developed. Don't know if the feedback from is one of them.

But meanwhile you can leave your feedback here, that I'll pass it to the ReBrick team.

DanielM said...

Conchas, here are three suggestions:

1) A way to edit title and description.

2) Change the "bookmark" button to say something else, like "Link Picture". Bookmark may be confused with the bookmark feature on the browser. It took me a few minutes before I realized that the bookmark did something other than saving the webpage to my favorites, but maybe people smarter than I wouldn't have that problem.

3) I'm not sure if it's just me, but I can't view my own mocs unless I'm logged in.

That's it. I love the idea behind the site, and please pass on my gratitude along with these suggestions. Thanks!

TechnicBRICKs said...


Here some comments/answers right away.

2) I understand your point, but guess most of us will also easily understand the meaning of "bookmark" in this context.
Will pass your comment anyway.

3) This is the intended behavior.
By default bookmarks are only visible behind login.
This is because some content should not be visible right away (e.g. MOCs with explicit guns, military tanks, licences not owned by LEGO).
It is the work of the Curator, to move the MOCs in front of login, if none of the restrictions mentioned or even some others, apply.
I should review your entries together with some others pending, in the next few hours.

DanielM said...


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