Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TBs TechPoll 28 - Most popular and Best selling 2011 LEGO Technic sets

2011 is over, and the first 2012 LEGO Technic sets are progressively becoming more and more available at the local stores.

So let's again make a retrospective and run a couple of polls, to know which are your preferred 2011 LEGO Technic sets and those you have bought from the 2011 assortment.

Because what you prefer is not always exactly what you can buy, we decided again for two polls:
  • Vote for the best 2011 LEGO Technic set!
  • Tell us which LEGO Technic sets have you bought, from the 2011 assortment?

About the models, you should already know. Nevertheless, lets recap them:

8065: Mini Container Truck

8066: Off-Roader

8067: Mini Mobile Crane

8068: Rescue Helicopter

8069: Backhoe Loader

8070: Super Car

8071: Bucket Truck

8081: Extreme Cruiser

8109: Flatbed Truck

8110: Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400

Having more than one set, that you really like!? No worries... As already usual for this type of TBs polls, you may select multiple entries.
So let's try to find which were the favorites in 2011, and probably the best sellers.

See the polls in the right column and... Cast your votes!
You may also leave any comments to support your choices, if you have some remarks to add.


Surya said...

I haven't bought any of them (yet). I usually by sets with 1000+ pieces and lots of gears like the 8043 or 8258. Since the U400 uses pneumatics, it doesn't have as many gears as I'd like it to have. So the 2011 set was a bit disappointing for me.

mudrkois said...

I have bought all of them, 'cause I'm TECHNIC collector and I already own every TECHNIC set since 2003. IMO the best 2011 set is the 8110 Unimog because of the enormous part count, and I really like the building of any BIG Lego TECHNIC set and the more hours I need to build it, the better set it is for me. Maybe there have been better sets in the past, but my personal best 2011 is the Unimog. It is definitelly worth the money.

santi said...

I think the audience of this blog (including me) will clearly favor the Unimog :)

It was a very nice surprise to have such a huge and complex model for 2011, which set the bar very high. Let's see if LEGO can top it in 2012/2013 with an even better one!

Allanp said...

Has to be the unimog! It has a good amount of gears BUT it also has pneumatics, suspention and so on making it probably the most complex set ever, gears are not the only source of complexity. It also gave us a load of great new parts. I'm fairly confident the unimog will top both polls, but the real life sales figure will be higher because many have more than one unimog and I certainly intend on getting another.

Junkstyle Gio said...

2011 was a good year; I got me every set but the 8109 (That one will arrive somewhere around may..)
My favorite was and is of course the Unimog. It is big, it is awesome, give lots of playingfun and keeps me busy for mounths now.
Lets hope thats this years model will give me the same amount of sets. (and parts..)

TechnicBRICKs said...

The only one I didn't get in 2011, was the 8071 Bucket Truck.
Definitely the set from whole assortment that release lest interest in me.

crowkillers said...

I picked the Unimog only because it introduced new Orange elemenets


Conchas, funny you said the bucket truck, that was the one set that I didn't get for my wife last year... It does have some nice part though....

Alex Campos said...

Guys, remember that you can vote more than one option on each poll! So, even though, at least according to the comments here so far, the 'Mog is undisputedly the most liked set of the year, you can show appreciation for other models as well. :)

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