Saturday, January 28, 2012

TBs TechPoll 28 (Results) - Most popular and Best selling 2011 LEGO Technic sets

Another year, another poll to find the "Most popular and Best selling 2011 LEGO Technic sets" at TBs . This time we reached a massive participation (almost 1.000 votes) which is a record here.

As done in the previous years, we have again decided to run both polls in parallel, so that we can achieve the most consistent results.

Still we see a considerable difference among the number of voters in both polls. If it means that the almost 200 votes difference corresponds to fans following us here, but not buying any Technic set all, will remain to know. Next year I must add an option with something like "Didn't buy any of them".

I think it was also the first time we got exactly the three sets at the same order, in both polls (Best Set and Most Bought). It worth also to mention that the sets of 1H, managed to get two places in both podiums, which may be considered a surprise.

The 8110 Unimog was the preferred  and most bought by far, compared to the second (8070 Super Car)!
However the difference is much bigger when it comes to choose the best set (79% to 21%)), then when it arrives the moment to buy them (71% to 42%).

The 8069 Backhoe Loader rests in third place at both polls, but the 8109 Flatbed Truck follows really close, specially on the Best Sets poll (15% and 14% respectively).

8081 Extreme Cruiser seems to show little advantage against the remaining but at the same time seems to be the less bought (at least for this sample). Maybe because of its limited availability as it was an exclusive of a few stores.
It was bought fewer times the the smallest Technic set of 2011 (8065 Mini Container Truck). Whether this can be a surprise, I can't say...

For all the remaining ones, it seems they take no part in this story, specially in terms of favoritism.

So, side-by-side lets see the winners for 2011, in both categories!

The Best
2011 LEGO Technic sets
The Best Selling
2011 LEGO Technic sets *

8110, Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400 1st Place 8110, Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400

8070, Super Car 2nd Place 8070, Super Car

8069, Backhoe Loader 3rd Place 8052, Backhoe Loader

By the end of the year, will come back with similar polls, for the 2012 sets, which also promises great competition already.

*) Exclusively according to the data collected within this poll, thus not related with any TLG official figures.


Allanp said...

YEY for the unimog!

I thought the flatbed truck would be a little higher. But it's no suprise, it had really nice functions, but not many of them, compared to the large number of functions found in 8070 and 8069, despite them being not so well realise IMHO.

Dave said...

OK, but who won the TechREVERSE Challenge? January is almost over!

Allanp said...

Yeah, and what about the interview with the designer of the unimog, and the interview with the guy that makes the instructions! We wait with baited breath haha!

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Dave, Allanp

You guys are absolutely right! My bad... and no excuses.

The interview about the Unimog should be released soon. The older one about building instructions sometime later.

About the TechREVERSE Challenge, I'm still evaluating the entries...
The model this year was bigger so it takes more time, and I had to interrupt the work several times.
Will finish also asap and publish the results.
Nevertheless the prizes are still to arrive. They first went somewhere else by mistake and it took sometime to find the error.

Allanp said...

no worries mate, we just can't get enought!

Mark Bellis said...

These figures are a clear vindication of our campaign for bigger Technic sets. I hope TLG have taken note and that there will always be a decent set of at least 2000 parts in the range. I wonder how much bigger we could go - 5000 perhaps?

the difficulty with the flatbed truck was not only smaller number of functions but also seeing how they work, since they fold away well! I have found the sets with just a battery box and motor, other than the Unimog, to be not such good value for money e.g. the yellow tipper truck was about £10 overpriced. As an AFOL I want not just a motor and battery box - I could add 8293 to get those - but the complex and interesting PF parts.

I think I missed the survey but I have 2 Unimogs and 1 Backhoe so it would not have changed the results!


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