Thursday, February 9, 2012

Look at 9396, Helicopter

These are not exactly fresh new images... However we still did not take a look at the upcoming 9396 Helicopter.
The pictures from Nuremberg Toy Fair below, do not reveal all details and secrets from this promising model, but give us some tips about what might be the delivered functions or not. It seems the new helicopter may include a generous set of functions if we realize this shows like a 2nd flagship in 2012. At least the box seems to have a front flap which is usually used to show the model functions underneath, and it is a lot space to depict them.
Box art was also updated to include "Ready for Power Functions" instead of "Batteries not included" logo, as on prelim pics.

Besides tail rotor, landing gears, winch, side doors and door for the cargo compartment, all the curiosity centers around the main rotor of course.

Making zoom at the pictures available, the main rotor seems to have quite a complex design. Besides the structure to support the new large rotor blades (awesome), question now is whether it supports Collective and Cyclic pitch control [1, 2].
While the Collective Control seems almost granted (all blades seem to be at the same pitch in the pictures), the existence of a kind of swash plate for Cyclic Control seems a lot less probable (I'm crossing my fingers...).

This is the helicopter we expect to be a modern successor of previous awesome LEGO Technic helicopters (each at its time) and both had some kind of Cyclic Control
  • 852/954 Sky Copter in 1977 had Collective Pitch mechanism for its both blades (more at Technicopedia)
  • 8856 Whirlwind Rescue in 1991 (The largest and most functional main model LEGO Technic helicopter, to date) had a Cyclic Pitch which tilts the main rotor has an whole, although not much realistic - If a real helicopter did this it would risk striking the rotor against the frame (more at Technicopedia).

As a side note, while I still do not expect to make anything fly with this new long blades, it was great they have designed such specific elements as they confer a really distinctive and unique touch to this large model.

Additionally to the main rotor questions and while zooming the images above, I found one unexpected detail behind the main rotor. Inside the red ellipse we can see a kind of beam with an uneven pin hole pattern.
It looks like the pattern seen on the sides of 64178 and 64179 frames, but these do not fit in the picture below (on the right). Are we getting something new here

It seems we will get also a few mini Linear Actuators (mLA) to control the landing gears, but this seems evident already since we got the first prelim pictures.

Learn more about helicopters flight, at HowStuffWorks:
- Helicopter flight controls

Learn more about helicopters flight, at Wikipedia:
- How helicopters work


KWigboldy said...

I like what I see. Regarding the new piece, I remember seeing a panel in the Unimog models TLG made before 8110 ( While it was not released, maybe it is coming soon.

santi said...

About the new piece hinted at the end of the article. Seems to me like some variation of the 64683 panel, right?

TechnicBRICKs said...


Don't think so. The panel might be attached to some sort of beam.

Meanwhile I realize this picture was taken from a video frame, so can it be that we are being deceived by a low quality image and we are just seeing the black pins connected to the panel while the remaining yellow holes can't be perceived!?...

Ryan said...

I think in the oval we see the back side of a new panel

Wiseman_2 said...

Regarding the suspected new part, I believe it's just a case of being a poor quality image; it's just a regular beam, and the lighting means there's not enough shadows to define where the pin holes are.

Still, I'm really liking the look of this one, as I've not been too impressed with their other recent helicopters as they lacked any real interesting functionality... maybe they were just testing the water for this large one?

And I love those blades, they add an element of detail that really rounds the set off.

MikeTwo said...

Nice video of the new technic sets at the Toys Nuremberg Toy Fair

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