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TBs TechChallenge, 2011 - Reverse 9392 - The results

The entries submitted for the 3rd TBs TechREVERSE Challenge have now been evaluated against the official building instructions from TLG's 9392 Quad Bike, and the mismatches/penalties accounted. After a long wait it's finally the time to publish the results.
Let me also apologize for the delay in publishing these results! However this edition of the TechREVERSE Challenge used a larger model than usual, which also meant an exponential increase of the work required to evaluate all the entries submitted. Namely there was a lot more guess work required from the participants and consequently a much larger amount of mismatches to account. And of course also impacted the mood to get the work done...
To make it even worse, for the first time we have accepted three different tools for the participants to build their entries and submit them to the Challenge (LDraw, LDD and SR3D Builder).

Firstival for those contestants who may also want to check their own submissions, here it is the link to download the official instructions for 9392. Also the parts list from this model can be found at the end of the 2nd booklet, relative to the 9392 B-model.

This year we got 10 valid submissions at contest, which despite being a bit less than in the previous TechREVERSE edition, it also reflects the increased difficulty of the Challenge.
As previously announced [1, 2] TBs got some sets to prize those who have made the best guesses on how to build the model under contest. These are, one 9395 Pick-up Tow Truck plus one 'SR 3D Builder with Animation Console' license for the winner, one 9394 Jet Plane for the 2nd place and three 9392s for the 3rd tho 5th classified. Meaning this, that all those who have decided to participate, got a very significant chance to win one of the prizes.

This year the prizes got to visit some other place and took also a lot longer to arrive... Although they were received exactly two weeks ago, and expect to start shipping them soon. Meanwhile you may see the sets all together, in the group photo below.
As it is already a tradition from TechREVERSE, you will get each box signed by the respective Designer, which is another prize in itself - 9392 by Aurélien Rouffiange, 9394 by Lars Krogh and 9395 by Alfred Pedersen. Hope you can appreciate the uniqueness of these prizes.

The Challenge results were evaluated comparing the digital models submitted by the contestants, with each step in the official building instructions booklet.
Like in the previous editions, it was done through a manual comparation from the last step at the building instructions and going backwards until the first step, while taking annotations from the differences found at each step at the same time.
Trying to learn and improve from the past TechREVERSE Challenge editions, the mismatch count was now replaced by a new system with differentiated penalties according to the type of mismatch, as described in this Challenge edition classification criteria.

With 199 parts, almost 60 more than the 8066 Off-Roader in the 2010 Challenge, the difficulty increased significantly and there were several sections in the model, which one could only have guessed according to his experience and knowledge.
Most of the participants made almost the same mistakes in those invisible model sections. For instance most have failed in the gearing behind the bike engine (there are some beams behind gears to help keeping them in place), and/or some other details in the rear axis.
There is also a '5.5L axle with stop' which remained unsuspected for almost every participant and one bush in the steering axle which all but one have missed... to list just a few examples.
To some extent I feel that those who scored higher in this Challenge, were not those who have made the most unforeseen guesses, but in some cases those who took less risks and left some parts behind, thus avoiding eventual double penalties (wrong parts and misplacements).
Color mismatches were also much less frequent this year. Although there were a couple of thin beams slightly visible in the bottom of the front side, which color was correctly identified by one contestant only. But even that one did change the right parts with some different ones.

We counted penalties for occurrences like: wrong parts or sub-parts; extra or missing parts; misplacements or misalignments and color mismatches. However the use of the Old Greys were not considered for the mismatches count, for historical reasons and because not everyone is aware of this small difference and how to handle it in MLCad.

Due to the actual higher number of mismatches it took an eternity to annotate all the mismatch/penalty details... Although it was much faster to evaluate the models designed with LDD or SR 3D Builder, then those designed with LDraw.
LDD participants were not able to find all the required parts in the respective library (chain links were missing, but have meanwhile been published to LDD by TLG, btw).
Perhaps a chance for such bit larger models in the future, could be to allow only entries made with LDD and/or SR 3D Builder, at least if we can check that all the required parts have been meanwhile made available into LDD.

You may find the info about all the accounted penalties, details and results at the evaluation files (XLS and PDF versions available for download).

And now I must finally disclose that the winning submission was entered by... Lasse Deleuran (gtahelper) from Denmark.

Lasse scored the lowest penalties (-66) and he will receive the first prize:
  • One Pick-up Tow Truck (9395), signed by the respective LEGO Designer (Alfred Pedersen) as seen in the the pictures below
  • One license for 'SR 3D Builder with Animation Console' *.

For the next four prizes we have selected the Challenge entries with fewer amount of penalties. In the event of a tie, it was considered the order of submission into the competition. It was the case used to determine who is going to receive the 2nd prize (Scott Pomeroy or Philo) and the last prize to assign (Nathanaël, Shimon or Jovel).

So the remaining prizes are distributed the following way,

9394 Jet Plane:
  •   -75 penalties (4th entry in contest) - Scott Pomeroy, US
9392 Quad Bike
  • -75 penalties (8th entry in contest) - Philippe Hurbain (Philo), FR
  • -84 penalties - Ismaël Juhoor (Khan), FR
  • -87 penalties - Nathanaël Kuipers (Industrial Designer), SE

From the left to right, their renders in the same order.

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for participating into this 3rd TBs TechREVERSE Challenge!

Also, I'd like to thanks all those who made this Challenge possible once more:
  • The TLG Technic team, for the support and for providing the nice prizes.
  • Sergio Reano, for supporting TBs and the fans community also with one license of his great software, to add to the first prize.
  • And finally of course, all those who were engaged with this Challenge, either by sending their submissions or the enthusiasm joining the initiative by leaving their comments to the respective posts.

Hopefully we can repeat it again, with some 2013 model....

The prizes shipping costs are sponsored by TBs , with the revenue generated from the LEGO ads. Please do not forget to help us supporting these costs, whenever you do your LEGO purchases from, accessing the LEGO online shop from the ads displayed in this blog.

*) With 1 year downloadable upgrades, extendable to two years under subject to the offer terms. Read full details here.

PS: I'll hold the prizes shipping for one week, from the date of this post, just in case someone wishes to raise a claim regarding the assessment of their mismatches/penalties.


Dave said...

Congratulations to all of the winners and contestants! Kudos to Fernando Correia for hosting this TechREVERSE Challenge! The prizes are special.

Philo said...

Wow! When I first saw the official building instructions I thought I was out... This was a tough (but interesting!!!) one.
Many thanks to TBs and LEGO for this contest - and to Sergio for his excellent tool. Congratulation to all contestants, hope we'll meet again next year.

Allanp said...

Congatulations to all the winners. It always amazes me how generous TLG are with the prizes for these challenges when you consider 50% of those who entered won a technic model. And well done to TBs for hosting it.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to winners !!

Anyway I need winner email to send him the SR 3D Builder license...


Scott said...

Cool! Congratulations Lasse, and to everyone else. Also thank you to Fernando, Lego, and Sergio! Looking forward to next year's reverse challenge...

Luc2000 said...

Congrats to all the winners!
I really thought I had a good chance of winning something, but I guess the others were just too good.

LasseD said...

I won! Yay! Thanks a lot for making this competition Fernando (and others who have helped out with prices).
This is excellent. SR3D should be just what I need to start making animations.
And congratulations to all other price winners - you all made better renderings than me, so that's clearly something I have to work on as well.

Parax said...

well done Lasse!

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