Monday, April 2, 2012

102323 LEGO Direct Exclusive Murciélago - It was an hoax, but it doesn't need to be!

Yeah... after a few years thinking I'd take part of the April Fools' hoax, I finally decided to give it a try...
Now let's see if I still come up with something for the next year also.

So, unfortunately the Crowkiller's Murciélago is not making it into an official LEGO set yet.
I could point a dozen details (at least) on the image published, which can easily raise the suspicion it is an absolute fake, but I guess most of you have noticed them in first hand, if not all of you.

I'm sorry to disappoint you or to compromise TBs reputation for such "bad" joke, but at least I must confess I had some (little) fun with Photoshop while preparing it.

As the title of this post suggests, this may be an hoax but it doesn't need to be necessarily! There is always one way forward...
We just need to convince Paul to submit his model (if not all of them, or at least one at a time) to LEGO CUUSOO, so that we all can vote on it and show that the LEGO Technic fans community can also drive something out of the LEGO production lines in Billund.

PS: Partcount shown on the box image above, is just an wild guess of mine... I could have used the exact number (1724) but I didn't remember it was available, when preparing this hoax.

This hoax has been referred here.

Last Update: 2012.May.23 08:40 CET


Shlomi Gondabi said...

I will be honored to vote for Paul's models!
Paul's model/s must be manufactured and distributed by TLG...

Dave said...

I think you owe Paul Boratko a personal apology, since he stated that he had absolutely NOTHING to do with your joke. You have a lot of gall to use other people's names in a fraud, without their permission! It's called "slander".

crowkillers said...

Dave, Fernando did send me a picture yesterday morning of what he had put shopped together, so I did have an idea what he was going to do, but I didn't really think that it was a big deal since it was April Fool's Day and all...

Outside of some celebrity who is a Lego fan mentioning this model on some popular talk show, this has pretty much no chance of ever becoming a reality through cuusoo or anywhere else...

It would be nice if Lego would just make the #4 connectors in yellow again... :)

Alessandro Bartoli said...


why you say that? I would just try to submit this via Lego CUUSOO and the Lamborghini Gallardo as well.

You have got nothing to lose!

Let's hope Lego will produce at least connector #4 in yellow again ...


TechnicBRICKs said...


Thanks for the advice! As Paul promptly answered I did told him about my plan beforehand (not the text of the post which was still no written by the time).

Other mentioned positions are not named in the hoax post, despite there are names behind these positions off-course (if all them exist).
"News" like this, posted on behalf of companies or organizations, their decision boards, department heads (named or unnamed) and others used to come-up every year by this time a bit everywhere, which of course include known blogs about LEGO. And once more it was the case yesterday.

If I'll get some issue because of my post, I'll try solve it of course at the best of my capacity.


Unfortunately if one wants to have the Murciélago, he still needs to try building it by himself. ;)

santi said...

I follow LEGO CUUSOO quite closely, and I find a big lacking of Technic ideas. I personally have only posted one idea, but there are so few technic-fans in CUUSOO that it's very hard to get any attention.

But I'd love to see more technic focus on CUUSOO, I have to admit I find most of the successful CUUSOO models quite boring... sets like the Murcielago, or maybe new piece ideas I think have the best chance to succeed in CUUSOO. Also, for any model to succeed, it is important that you advertise it in as many sites and forums as possible (or even mention it on TV :)), that's the way other models got their 10000 votes..

Blakbird said...

In case anyone cares to know, this model actually has 1724 parts and would cost about $250 USD to build at average Bricklink prices (not counting shipping). Although we have not made any instructions (yet), it can be built using the CAD file.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Now, that's something I should have remembered to verify through the LDraw file (the partcount), or at least asked Paul... :P
Unfortunately it was done in hurry and didn't remember about that.

As for the price and considering the partout of a set at BrickLink, typically almost doubles the respective retail price, advanced values are pretty much consistent. :)

Stephen Walters said...

Why doesn't NK submit his Hurricane to CUUSOO? That would be a nice set to have, regardless of how much it would cost. And I personally don't care whether it can drive autonomously or not--it's still an awesome model. Come on NK!

TechnicBRICKs said...

Well, just remembered that the almost one hundred parts less, was the result of the professional LEGO Designers work, to optimize and prepare Paul's Lambo for mass production and commercialization.

It was the price to pay, for the yellow #4 connectors resurrection... ;D I(TLG) don't need to change the box art. :D

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