Sunday, April 1, 2012

1H2012 - 10232 Exclusive Murciélago

These are... Awesome news!!

Maybe you recall the 8049 Tractor with Log Loader exclusive release at TBs here. Once more the LEGO Technic team has choosen TBs to reveal their latest and best kept secret.

After years of LEGO Technic fans dreams, wishes and suggestions towards LEGO...
... Taking advantage of TLG's recent license with Lamborghini, which gave us some fantastic Racers models, LEGO Direct decided to partner with the LEGO Technic Designers team, the LEGO Racers Marketing Manager (formerly also at LEGO Technic) and one of the best Technic fan builders, yes Paul Boratko (Crowkillers), to release an exclusive model based on his own design - Lamborghini Murciélago.

This new set with 1629 parts, will be released as a LEGO Direct Exclusive with reference 10232 and should start selling from on May 15th, for 114,99€ in most European countries and $124,99 in US market.
So we get the 10th Technic set for 2012, to fit the same amount from the last few years, despite this special one being branded under the Racers logo, out of the LEGO Direct budget.

Realize on the "Designed by LEGO® Fans" tagline usage, formerly used in FACTORY sets, now that the service was shut down. This might be a good sign, for further upcoming projects like this.

Below a fans note from LEGO Direct and LEGO Racers Marketing Managers,

"As a special treat we would like to share in first hand a LEGO Direct Exclusive with the AFOLs that are passionate about the LEGO Technic and LEGO Racers models.

As a recognition of the potential this segment of fans represent to the LEGO brand, we decided this year to partner with one member of the community to release a fan made based model, for general and official availability. With the launch of 10232 Lamborghini Murciélago next mid May, we strengthen our Lamborghini license and deliver a great model for the specific target group (boys 10-16 and adult fans).

After the initial negotiation period with Automobili Lamborghini secure the license compliance terms, we took almost 4 months of joint and hard work with this model original designer, Paul Boratko. During this period we made all the necessary changes, adapting every detail required to conform with our security and playability requirements but also to adapt the model for mass production.

It was a great experience and fun for all of us during this time, and we are now much interested to see how the product will be welcomed by our adult fan group, who has been asking for this kind of partnership for quite some time."

Just hope this could be the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between TLG and some of the many talented Technic builders out there, who also deserve to see their projects getting attention from the headquarters and eventually get their own release spot.

Can't wait to order a couple for my collection, after having unsuccessfully tried to replicate this model from the kind of BI photos, published by Paul. Now it makes clear why the building instructions for this awesome model were never released by Paul/Eric as they have been doing for all other recent models from Crowkillers.

Congratulations Paul, for the remarkable achievement!

It might be... A tremendous sales success.

Yeah, this was an April Fools' prank...
See more on the respective follow-up topic.

Last Update: 2012.Apr.02 05:30 CET


Dave said...

I sure hope this is true (and not some cruel "April Fools Day" joke)! AFOLs love Paul Boratko's models, and soon his creations may be available to many more Technic fans worldwide!

minks502 said...

If this is real, is Lego really gonna vacuum plate the wheels?

Ondra said...

Very bad april :-/

Toa Of Justice said...

Very nice box edit. The only thing that made it seem fake was the background, which didn't seem like a typical LEGO background. It's a nice background though!

If Paul Boratko put this model on LEGO CUUSOO, it could actually be made! (No joke!)

-Toa Of Justice

Alessandro Bartoli said...

I feel really bad for Paul .. he would REALLY deserve such a model to be built by TLG !!

Alex Campos said...

This is really great news if true, but, like the other commenters above, I'll reserve judgement for tomorrow.

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