Friday, April 6, 2012

Crowkillers' Vampire GT on CUUSOO

Has you might have already noticed, we have also the Crowkillers' Vampire GT Supercar, also on CUUSOO since a few days.

In my humble opinion this is just another Must Support project, for all the LEGO Technic fans here and somewhere else.

This model was also introduced here at TBs sometime before [1, 2] and got some fantastic Crimson Red Chromed wheels since then.
It features many of the old school official LEGO Technic Supercars features, like a newly styled 5+R gearbox with All Wheel Drive (AWD) transmission, a switch built into the Dash that transfers power from the Rear Wheels to all 4 Wheels, and it also has a Rear Mounted V10 Engine.

Gear ratios are more realistic, as follows:
  • 1st Gear  2.08 : 1
  • 2nd Gear  1.60 : 1
  • 3rd Gear  1.25 : 1
  • 4th Gear  1 : 1
  • 5th Gear  0.75 : 1
  • Reverse  2.25 : 1

Each Gullwing door opens and closes by turning a small bevel gear in the rear of the car... the Rear Hatch and Hood also open and close...

The model features fully functional dashboard and Hand of God (HoG) steering along with 4 wheel independent Suspension...

If you think this amazing model deserves your support (I think you will...), just click on the image below to get into the respective LEGO CUUSOO support page, and... You know!

Let's give the Vampire GT a big chance by voting it and help this project to get the 10.000 supporters required to move into the next phase, where LEGO will evaluate whether this is going to be produced as product.
Yet again we can help it to become a dream made true, while we simultaneously test the power and size of the LEGO Technic fans community (not alone hopefully)!
If you are not yet registered, just do it. It won't take more than a couple of minutes.

Just in case you have not seen the video yet...
WARNING: You may fall in love with this Vampire!...

...did you already left your support?


Xander Soldaat said...

Can you make the video not auto-play when the page is loaded? It even did it in my Google Reader.

Menno Gorter said...


For me this model would be absolute worth buying comparing to that think-tank thingy, since the Vampire is a real finished product and not just a well presented idea.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Auto-play disabled. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I'm sure some of your walkers would make great stuff for CUUSOO either! :)
- Tripod
- Nxt2Sauros

Despite you have disabled your YT channel. I miss it! ;)

Ondra said...

I think get 10000 votes for such big technic car is imo impossible, but it will be unexpected gift for me because I want supercar like this vampire.

P.s.:The only certainty is hoping that Lego issued next supercar.Maybe...

santi said...

I don't think it is impossible.

The positive effect of both the Vampire and the Tachikoma projects in Cuusoo is that more Technic fans have approached the site, and I have noticed a sudden increase in the number of followers of all the other technic ideas in general (like another one of my favorites:

So, if more of the good technic creators post ideas regularly, the technic crowd in Cuusoo will increase, and the likelihood of technic models reaching 10000 supporters will also increase.

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