Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TBs TechPoll 30 - What next?

LEGO Technic fans have been demanding several new sets, elements, etc... and the LEGO Technic Team has brought a lot of goodies in the past few years.
After the LEGO Power Functions (LPF) introduction, we got for example:

  • A large fully motorized excavator
  • The return of Supercars
  • Orange parts in abundance
  • A large RC Off-Roader vehicle
  • New PF motors on the way
  • Larger and more complex model flagships
  • And many new specific parts

Certainly you still have much more in your wishlist, so we have decided for another small poll, populated with a with few examples. Fell free to vote as many as you would support and do not forget to add your own wishes by adding some comments to this post.

For now I've included in the poll new, these new items (6 sets + 6 elements):
  • A Motorized Back-Hoe
  • A Motorized Fork-Lift
  • Yet another Supercar
  • A flagship Aeroplane
  • A Vessel
  • A large Tow-Truck
  • Longer Pneumatic Cylinders
  • PF S-Motor for small / low torque motorized functions
  • PF Linear Solenoid Actuators
  • PF Electro-Valve for remote pneumatic control
  • Integrated PF Pneumatic Compressor with cut-off
  • Compact PF Programmable Brick for light, sound and movement sequences or logics based on input sensors. Not exactly the MINDSTORMS but a smaller and compact Technic fit.

So, which of these would you like to see into or as a further LEGO Technic flagship, in the years to come

Or differently said, what would you like to see produced by TLG next? 'Technic'ally speaking...


a scanner darkly said...

Longer pneumatics would be a must
but what about using telescopic shafts? that way you can pack more travel in a smaller cylinder.

A long Cylinder is great but you get a long barrell too - something you can do back-2-backing two normal cylinders anyway.

Karol Ciszek said...

In my opinion we need a smaller box for batteries, the AAA kind.

Everyone, support 6xAAA battery box!

Ondra said...

I want to see american style garbage truck and haul truck.Maybe next year,who knows.

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Karol Ciszek

We have it!

Maybe not in the form factor we would prefer... :)

Karol Ciszek said...


Yeah, this is what I meant. It needs to be like the 8881 box, only ... smaller :)

DanielM said...

I like all of the suggestions so far, but I especially like the idea of a flagship airplane. I would also like to see more sets made from green parts.

I would also like to see the following parts:

-5x5 square panel with the same curvature as the #13/14 and #17/18 panels. This would be perfect for the trailing edge of an airplane wing.

-PF LED lights with a flash pattern built in, much like the old 9V lights.

santi said...

New PF pieces is what I crave for, smaller PF S-motor, larger linear actuator, PF Electro-valve, etc.

I also love the PF rechargeable battery, but it is sometimes overkill (I have never depleted it in a single day use!). This means that a smaller size one (maybe half the size?) could also be built and be useful!

I'd also like to see non-vehicle Technic sets (its getting really repetitive). A line in industrial machines (robotic arms, conveyor belts, etc.) would be great! But I understand that they'd have less appeal to their target audience...

Allanp said...

LONGER PNEUMATIC CYLINDERS! (something like http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=5269992 )These really are a must now especially as parts counts and set sizes are gradually but constantly going up. The current length was decided when the largest sets ever were under 1000 elements and they are just too small now. The unimog could have done with cylinders that were much longer in order to give the crane arm enough range of movement to fully fold up but still able to lift up something like a mobile phone. Most MOCs I see that have pneumatics, have two of them end on end because they are stubby short things. They are still way cooler and much more authentic than LAs but they are just too short.

What wasn't in the poll was some new gearbox pieces (many synchromesh gear sizes, not just the one 16t we have now) so we can make more realistic gearboxes capable of handleing a little more torque but also with much less resistance. When motorising a model with a gearbox it seems most of the motors power is wasted just driving the gearbox leaving not very much to actually move the model. The driving hub assemblies also have lots of friction when driven at an angle and don't really go to a far enough angle. They need to be larger, maybe something the size of what the 8880supercar had but obviously with way less friction. differencial with a double wide 36t crown gear would also be great, even better if it could have 4 gears inside instead of 3 to make them stronger, ideally 2 12t bevel gears (mounted on the diff pins) and 2 20t bevel gears (mounted on the axles that go to the wheels).

santi said...

I hope the 93 people (as of now) that voted for the PF S-Motor have also voted for the PF S-Motor project in CUUSOO :)

stump said...

Star wars technic
Harry potter technic
LOTR technic
Pirates of the carribean technic

MeNadruhou said...

I want more than 4 "IR channesls". On meetings we must faighting for them.

Stephan3321 said...

Lego Technic Minifigures. They should bring them back so our flagships have drivers!

TechnicBRICKs said...

Agreed! :D

Stephen Walters said...

What I want to see is another large supercar like 8880 and 8448, but fully motorized and remote controlled and with a 7+R RC gearbox like in Sheepo's Porsche 911. NK's Hurricane would be great as a Lego set, but what we AFOLs really need is an RC supercar. A licensed model would be nice, too...how about a Koenigsegg Agera R? Come on,Lego!

Failing that, I would like to see some new Power Functions parts. I'll have to wait and see what 9398's motors are like, but we could really do with both a large and a very small PF motor (the latter could be like the old 9V micromotor). That would be really nice.

Sheepo said...

Great poll!! Two more ideas from me:

-PF system controlled by RF and not with the obsolete IR.
No more problems with the small scope of the IR!!!

-PF batteries(rechargable or not) without auto power cut.

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