Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week TechVideo, 2012 #23 - The right bucket

When I do not have something in particular that I've seen in the last week, I go through my backlog reserve of older YT videos. Problem is always the same - which one to peek this time?...

So this week I brought up from the trunk a model by pimpim88103 from Sweden.
Another excavator (yeah, my favorite machine...) - A model from Volvo EC460C Excavator.

Ya right! That's not an original LEGO bucket. Can't be... It's made of steel!
Though I think this is just the right size and form factor of bucket missing at LEGO elements (in plastic of course).

If the videos are not accelerated (don't think they are) the boom performance is quite good, specially when compared with 8043 Motorized Excavator... although at the expense of a prohibitive scale and number of PF motors (9), which of course LEGO can't afford into an official model.
  • Bucket - 2x PF M-motors
  • Stick Boom - 2x PF M-motors
  • Main Boom - 2x PF XL-motors
  • Superstructure - 1x PF XL-motor
  • Crawler Tracks - 2x PF XL-motors
  • 3x PF IR Receivers
  • 3x PF Battery Box 



    Unknown said...

    maybe I'm wrong but at least a part of the second video is probably accelerated (around at 2'50"). You can notice that looking at the speed little rocks (or whatever they are) drop down from bucket. Gravity acceleration don't allow that speed even if it they were iron balls.
    Anyway this is just my opinion...

    TechnicBRICKs said...

    You're probably right!

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