Thursday, July 12, 2012

2H2012 LEGO Technic sets now available at (limited availability)

Maybe because the new 2H2012 LEGO Technic sets leaked into an official LEGO store in Germany, few weeks ago, these are now also available to order online from in Germany, but also in Switzerland and Austria.

Hopefully you won't have a big wait ahead, until general availability for worldwide market. August is already at sight...

Read below the description for each set, as found at LEGO website.

9393 - Tractor / Buggy

Plow through the fields with this durable Tractor!
The powerful Tractor is ready to rip through the fields! Use the control knob to steer it into position then unfold and lower the tool, move the tractor and spin the blades! Rebuilds into a buggy featuring steering and detailed motor with moving pistons.
  • Features working steering and detachable tool that unfolds, lowers and spins
  • 2 models in 1: rebuilds into a buggy
  • Steer the Tractor!
  • Lower the tool!
  • Building instructions included for both models
  • Buggy features functioning steering and moving engine pistons
  • Tractor measures over 5” (13cm) high, 11” (28cm) long and 4” (11cm) wide
  • Buggy measures over 4” (11cm) high, 9” (23cm) long and 5” (13cm) wide

9396 - Helicopter / Twin-Rotor Helicopter

Fly to the rescue with this amazingly detailed Helicopter!
Hover into position and make a daring air rescue! This detailed 2-in-1 model features a pitching main rotor, spinning tail rotor, retracting landing gear, sliding doors, opening rear cargo ramp and a winch that lowers to rescue people from danger. Rebuilds into a twin-rotor helicopter with pitching rotors and retractable landing gear.
  • Features a pitching main rotor and spinning tail rotor, retracting landing gear, sliding doors, opening rear cargo ramp and lowering winch
  • 2 models in 1: rebuilds into a twin-rotor helicopter
  • Spin the rotors!
  • Load up the cargo bay!
  • Lower the winch!
  • Download instructions to rebuild into a twin-rotor helicopter at
  • Motorize the Helicopter with LEGO® Power Functions Motor Set 8293 (sold separately)
  • Twin-rotor helicopter features spinning main and rear rotors (main rotors pitch) and retractable landing gear
  • Helicopter (including rotors) measures over 9” (23cm) high, 28” (72cm) long and 21” (54cm) wide
  • Twin-rotor helicopter (including rotors) measures over 7” (18cm) high, 24” (61cm) long and 21” (54cm) wide

9398 - 4x4 Crawler / Off-Road Truck

Be the king of the hills with this ultra-rugged motorized 4x4 Crawler!
Take on even the toughest terrain with this realistic 4x4 Crawler. Operate the 4-wheel steering and 4-wheel drive using the supplied LEGO® Power Functions infrared remote control! Then ride the roughest rocks with the high-performance extreme suspension. This heavy-duty model also features opening doors and top section. Rebuild it into a tough 4x4 off-road truck!
  • Features motorized 4-wheel steering and 4-wheel drive, extreme suspension, opening doors and top section
  • 2 models in 1: rebuilds into a tough 4x4 off-road truck
  • Includes 2 LEGO® Power Functions L-motors, servo motor, battery box, remote control and infrared receiver
  • Use the remote control!
  • Steer the wheels!
  • Open the doors!
  • Building instructions for 4x4 Crawler included. Download instructions to rebuild into a 4x4 off-road truck at
  • 4x4 Off-road Truck features extreme suspension and LEGO Power Functions 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering with remote control
  • 4x4 Crawler measures over 8” (21cm) high, 15” (39cm) long and 8” (21cm) wide
  • 4x4 off-road truck measures over 11” (28cm) high, 14” (36cm) long and 8” (21cm) wide

Below, also the prices for the countries where the new sets are already available.


       Tractor   Helicopter4x4


And remember! The LEGO Ads in this page are easy links to get into the website, to order the LEGO sets of your preference and simultaneously support this blog.

LEGO TECHNIC New for 2012

Happy shopping!


Allanp said...

"Take on even the toughest terrain with this *realistic* 4x4 Crawler"

Nice to see someone at TLG has a sence of humor haha!

CD's Brick Mix said...

That tractor looks awesome! Is it going to be available in north america? If yes, do you know what the price is going to be?


TechnicBRICKs said...

@CD Lego Blog

Guess it will, but don't know the price though.

Alex Campos said...

I think the tractor looks globally nice, but those headlights are just dog ugly! Unlike the larger 8284, though, the Buggy model looks a LOT better.

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