Thursday, July 5, 2012

Survey findings

Following the latest survey, LEGO has provided us with the following feedback regarding the results of the survey.

Dear LEGO® Fan community,

We hereby share top line, aggregated results of the LEGO Fan Survey which was conducted in May 2012.

Over 6.000 LEGO fans over the age of 13 participated in the survey. A majority of you who participated in the survey were above 18 of age with seven out of ten being between 18-44 years old. 14% of the respondents were women. When we compare this figure with previous studies, it indicates that more adult women are entering the LEGO hobby. The main occupation among you who took the survey were “computer/engineer/technical”, then “arts/design/media”, followed by “business/financial operations” and “education/training/library”. Close to half of you have a bachelor degree or more.

In general the data indicates that the joy of building was ingrained in you from early childhood. Thus, eight out of ten confirm that as children they really enjoyed coming up with solutions to problems. The data also suggests that you were not afraid of embarking in building activities that others would think of being a bit too challenging. Apparently, you had plenty of time for free play and for many, playing with LEGO elements was a daily occurring activity. Surprisingly, at least to us, the numbers suggest that you did not make use of older siblings and friends to help you build with LEGO products. This to us suggests that you were self-motivated and did not need assistance or to be encouraged to play with LEGO products.

Among those of you who responded, LUG members and people who have participated in a LEGO fan club meeting or a convention seem to represent a smaller group. However, data suggest that there are many more fans who expect to participate in LEGO fan activities in the future. We can also see that there are quite a few who expect to organize or participate in events where the purpose is to show fan created work to non-LEGO fans. Thus, there seems to be lots of enthusiasm among LEGO fans and a great interest in taking part of fan organized activities. We guess that there is a direct link between the great work that so many LUGs are doing and then this great anticipation to engage and socially interact.

About your online LEGO hobby activities, nearly nine out of ten check out LEGO related online sites a couple of times per week or more. You mostly use LEGO related online sites to check out new LEGO products and MOCs and to read reviews of LEGO products. Many of you use LEGO related online sites to learn new building styles and techniques, to keep informed about good LEGO deals, and to hear the latest rumors or gossip. Fewer of you use LEGO related online sites to show your latest MOCs, to contribute to LEGO fans’ discussions and to get other fans’ input and help with things you are working on. Only very few use LEGO related online sites to find new friends.

Regarding the way you perceive LEGO products, most of you agree that you feel a personal connection with LEGO products and that you believe that LEGO products are best in class. Judging from your answers, you are very knowledgeable about LEGO products and many of your non-LEGO friends turn to you to get advice on LEGO products. Close to half of you who took the survey have played with LEGO products for more than 16 years. So, it is actually no surprise that others think of you as a great source of knowledge and experience.

Seven out of ten agree that they take great joy in showing and explaining LEGO models to people who are not actively involved in the LEGO hobby. Six out of ten agrees that he or she feels compelled to help a fellow fan if he or she asks for help on how to improve his or hers LEGO design. This to us indicates a general openness and willingness to share and exchange the deep knowledge and experience many of you possess.

We also asked you about the way you perceive your MOCs. While most of you would not be too worried if other LEGO fans disliked your MOCs, many of you agree that the opinions of other LEGO fans are important when judging your work and that a MOC has to live up to certain standards if it has to be appreciated by many LEGO fans. More than eight out of ten agree that winning a MOC award or having one’s MOC praised by other LEGO fans would potentially represent a very positive experience.

We are using the survey results to better understand the LEGO fan community and your relationship with the LEGO products in general. We would like once again to thank you for your participation.

With kind regards,

Jan Beyer, Community Operations Manager EU/Asia
James Foulds, Community Operations Senior Manager, Americas/Australia
Tormod Askildsen, Head of the LEGO Community Engagement & Events team

July 2, 2012

Thoughts anyone?


Allanp said...

Was nice of TLG to share these results with us.

Alex Campos said...

Condensation of the first two results paragraphs: "LEGO fans are adult loner geeks". :D

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