Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And there they are, just one day after!...

Pictures from the Grand Prix Racer (42000) and Wreckage Crawler (42006) have popped today on Brickshelf.
I won’t be posting them here besides they are small images from the respective boxes side, and thus not having the controversial watermarks. But as a LEGO Technic fan, I'm sure you will easily find them.

By now it seems that LEGO finally exhausted (or almost if not completely) the four digit references as already expected for some time, and started to use five digits in the references of mainstream sets.

42000 - The Grand Prix Racer is a large sized F1 car or alike (57cm long) and shows a nice combination of red/white panels, for a change.

8386 Ferrari F1 Racer 1:10 from 2004 was 47cm long and the 2006 version (8674 Ferrari F1 Racer 1:8) was 61cm long. With a 57cm length, the new F1 makes me wonder which tires does it really includes. We can’t be sure because of the low quality image available, however the tires' side wall appears to be larger than more commonly found low profile LEGO tires for such large rims.
Can it be that it brings again the large tires from 8674, or something smaller like 8386 wheels with 8146 Nitro Muscle rear tires? That would be a great return for such actually rare tires.

Functions seem to be: steering, rear wing tilt adjustment and removable cover of the engine. Whether it has front and rear suspension remains to be seen. 8674 had suspension and 8386 did not - this ones lays some where in the middle of both.

It doesn't seem associated with any real Formula car maker as we can't see any stickers on it, however it looks like the F3000 car from the Finnish driver, Valtteri Bottas. The use of the 'Grand Prix' name for the model also sounds like a strong association with a powerfull and well known name, from the motorized racing sports.

Taken the example of previous sets it also doesn’t seem to be a model suited for optional motorization, via official building instructions.

42006 - The Wreckage Crawler, or whatever its official name will be, is yellow and somehow similar in functions and size, to the 8294 Excavator from 2008, when the Linear Actuators were introduced for the first time. Although this time we get two large and one small Linear Acturators.
It seems to feature a different tool, more adequate to handle wreckage, and unlike its ancestor it features several of the actual Technic panels, which were not yet available at that time, giving it a more closed look.

Also it seems to be one of the largest Technic sets for the next half and likely to offer optional motorization for its own functions like 8294 also did. We will have to wait and see!

Looking forward for more images/info.


crowkillers said...

I think the 42000 has new #13 and #14 panels in White.. That is a good thing.. ;)

I am going to say that the wheels and tires are all new for this model.. I have enhanced the pictures a bit and as someone said over at Eurobricks, they do seem to be a new offset style with a much wider sidewall thus making them more like what you would find on the real thing...

Jackson Legge said...

Material handler looks somewhat like 8043 with a grabber.

(I tried to sharpen them... Kinda helped. http://jacksonlegge.blogspot.ca/2012/08/lego-technic-1h-2013.html)

TechnicBRICKs said...

Original images are gone! Certainly by TLG request.

I don't see it so easy to get new rims and tires, but we gonna see it.

I'm also very curious to see in detail how the Designers made the F1 body shape with the Technic panels. It looks amazing.

And wish we could finally get the 1x3x11 panel released. :)

JTZshokunin said...

If it doesn't have suspension the F1 will be kinda boring functionality wise. I do think though that it will look great, and might actually have a higher chance for new parts than 42006. I dunno though...

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