Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's in the menu for the 1H13?

It is about one month now, that someone posted at EB, some hints about what the 1H13 LEGO Technic sets gonna be.

- New crawler with arm for handling wreckage, yellow, like the excavator, just smaller and without motors but with 3 linear actuators (2 big, 1 small).
- New F1 car, but it seems a F3000 for its own size. Red and white. Saw without stickers.
- New Motocross with new cross tires and 4 black suspensions (soft I guess), orange.
- New loader (front + back, very small).

This sets are coming in the first 6 months of 2013.

If this proves to be true as several sources seem to indicate (and such rumors don't use to disappoint) we should start to see images from these in a matter of weeks, not moths.

From the list above they seem ordered from the larger set to smallest set.

In the last few years we had always 5 new sets in January, 1 in March and sometimes also 1 extra set exclusive of one or another big retailer, hence this list seems somehow short (4 sets against a pattern of 6-7 sets). But has the source says to have seen it from the dealers catalog (some big account seeing the new products at a regional LEGO office is also a possibility I would not put aside), maybe this shortage has to due with the fact that not every country gets all the sets in the line (country of the catalog seen is unknown so I can't conform this theory).

Looking again at the sets list, I would dare to comment,
  • Crawler: If it is the larger set it looks to me, something like this. There are several other possibilities ofc.
  • F1 or F3000 car: I doesn't make sense to be a big model in the first half, so I'd put any 1:8 F1 car aside (like 8674 from 2006, or older 8461, 8458). It would mean very large tires which we never see in the 1H.
    I would bet in something more likely, like the 1:10 8386 from 2004, or even smaller like older F1 LEGO Technic F1 cars.
    After all we didn't get a Technic F1 since 2006, so 7 years is more than enough to make us expect to see LEGO releasing a new model.
    IMO it only means that something bigger should be on the way.
  • Motocross: It sounds something like 8291 Dirt Bike from 2008. The last one was still released with the old Technic panels, and new cross tires is also something that makes sense (probably to fit with the latest bike wheels).
    Orange color is also inline with what we have seen from LEGO Technic models in the past couple of years and also it seems a good fit.
  • Loader: Maybe it this time we will get a tiny Backhoe, still missing in the tinies collection.
    Keep waiting a new backhoe flagship that succeeds the 8455...

Just some of my divagations...
What else comes along with these, we remain to see.

See the update on this topic here, with new information that popped just one day after this post.

Last Update: 2012.Sep.05 19:45 CET


dannohh said...

My only request on the Crawler is at least one 1x5x11 yellow panel :-)

If TLG avoids another chance at bringing those back then I already hate it ;-)

DanielM said...

A red and white F1 car sounds nice to me. More white parts are always welcome.

efferman said...

maybe this is the f1 car

TechnicBRICKs said...

Most likely :)

And this seems to be the wreckage crawler.

By now it seems LEGO exhausted the four digit references (or almost) and started to use five digits for mainstream sets

cakeater9000 said...

The Dirt Bike was from 2008 not 2006.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Thanks for the heads-up! I've just made the correction into the post.

It might have been a typo, as I remember to have been checking this data... :P

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