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Yesterday at LFW Skaebaek, Niels Hendrik (the LEGO Technic Marketing Lead) came to present and talk about the next Technic Challenge - A Co-creation campaign.

And yes! It is like the rumors we have heard since the London Toyfair last January, which later I got to know in more detail.
In a few sentences, lets see what is it all about:
  • You're challenged to create your own LEGO Technic model based on the 9398 4x4 Crawler flagship released this year.
    Just what you need is to keep the chassis and built anything on top of it. Of course it doesn't need to look like a 4x4 Crawler.
  • The LEGO Technic team is eager to see which models the fans will come up with and which functions you can add to this model.
  • You don't have to buy the original Crawler, to make and submit your design to the Challenge.
    You can even submit just a drawing or a sketch about your idea. Don't need to build it in real bricks. Then if this becomes the wining idea, it's the job of the LEGO designers to "brickform" your idea.
  • The winning design is finalized with a LEGO Technic Designer.
  • The new set will become available in the summer of 2013 as a 20.000 units Limited Edition along with the new 2013 flagship release and it will be available through D2C (Direct 2 Consumer) channels.
  • You can use any parts to go on top of the chassis, and LEGO Technic Team is even open to customize some parts for this small production run (e.g. the wheels or something else they still don't know - it's up to you!).
    The intent is not really to make big profit from this special model, but to engage with the LEGO Technic fans community. Hence the small production will allow to create such fancy elements (if it turns to be the case).
  • It is not yet clear for me whether you can submit only one, or several models.
  • On the 1st of October the Campaign will start and you can upload your design at untill 31.Dec (11:59 PM). The sooner you'll do it, the better chances to get an higher number of votes or supporters to your design. This is important as you will see below.
  • Then after returning from holidays, the Technic team will pick top 100 fan voted models and select the best 10, that will follow to the "Go-vote" campaign with the fans.
  • On 2013 CW2-3, the "Go-vote" campaign will start and the winner announcement should happen on the 22nd of February.
  • If will be followed by the design of the final model according to LEGO Technic design frame rules and the pre-order campaign should start on 1st July 2013.
  • On 1st of August 2013 the sales will start through D2C

As criteria for the designers to select the 10 best models, you may think of:
  • Overall coolness
  • Design details
  • Belief that other people will want to buy your design
  • Great color schema
  • It is build-able with LEGO Technic elements
  • Well though functions
  • Model/age relationship
  • Copy of any 3rd party properties or trademark will be eliminated as a potential winner

Below you can see a record that someone... did from Niels' presentation at Skaebaek yesterday and listen to his own words.

If you want to jump directly into the deatils, just start here.

And here are the main keywords for you to read shortly.
  • Something Special!... How could we make a Technic model special?
  • ... a product to life we cannot do in a standard retail product.
  • How can we make it special is something we will find out during the competition.

Set free your imagination, and take your chance!

More to come, these days...


efferman said...

ok, nothing crazy like a 4wheeled bunny, nothing like willys, defender or G, no midnight pumpkin or vanessas lunchbox.
we will see many suv and other boring things with big spoilers, cow bars and exhaust pipes.

not many possibilitys with this scrappy high chassis

Dave said...

@ Fernando Correia: Can you get clarification from The Lego Group about whether the COLORS of the 9398's chassis can be changed? When you wrote that "Just what you need is to keep the chassis....You can use any parts to go on top of the chassis", does that mean that we cannot CHANGE the COLORS used on the chassis at all?

efferman said...

is it allowed to add some parts to the portalhubs to mount a mudguard direct on the portalhub? or is it neccessary to build a body which is completele removable by pulling out some pins?

TechnicBRICKs said...

Ok, I'll have the opportunity to check that tomorrow.

I had already asked about the possibility to change the color of the chassis, but to be honest I'm not sure now about what the answer was. Think it is not allowed, but I'll confirm it again.

In general I think you should not be too worried about the details now. There will be more information about where to start, what could be changed and what could not, etc.

Nevertheless bear in mind the model will be reviewed to fit the LEGO building frames and then anything could be changed or adapted to make it fit.
Once you can participate in many ways, such as drawings, general models, LEGO models (complete or just the top concept), I guess it not even need to fit perfectly on the chassis. It must be later adapted though.
What you need to focus on, is to present something that will catch the voters attention and support, and that's buildable on top of the Crawler chassis, so that the LEGO Technic Designers could produce it later on. Otherwise it won't get into the selected 10 models for the final votation, even if it gets into the 100 most voted proposals by the fans.

Greetings from Skaerbaek/Billund!

Blakbird said...

I would like one clarification. Is the new set going to be just the "expansion pack" containing the parts needed to change 9398, or is it going to be the entire model with the chassis? I would prefer to just buy the upgrade parts.

dip said...

I would really like to know what is allowed and what is not allowed. Everything in the pdf is not allowed to be changed? And the tyres can we use others? From the TB post i would say that we may use a different design, but reading the lego rules I think that we're stuck with the original ones. And do we really have to use wheels? I'm going for a real crawler instead of those fake rolling things ( So knowing if the wheels are obligatory is appreciated.

And it would also be nice if I could change the explanation to my set. When I uploaded the first draft I couldn't add a description at all...

TechnicBRICKs said...

Trying some quick answers/infos:

- Participants can submit multiple models.
Voters can also support multiple models, but only once for each model.

- In your entry you could use different colors for the chassis, but don't expect it to happen with the final model to be released by TLG.
The designers work on the winner proposal needs to be fast and not everything can be rebuilt from the beginning. For instance to rebuild BIs from step 1.

- The final set to commercialize won't be an expansion pack, but a complete whole new set.

- Regarding mudguards and portal hubs.
Original model has the mudguards attached to the chassis. You can do the same or attach them to the new upper part (be creative). Rules are not too much specific and they don't need to be.
Mudguards attached to the portal axles doesn't seem a natural solution, but try it and you will see if it is what you want. As I mentioned earlier, the winning model will be reviewed and what will need to change to make it buildable and compliant with Technic building frame, will be.

- TLG will be able to produce this model in almost any color, if not something even more bizarre.
There will be a dedicate production area for a certain time, only to create this model and make it something really cool, that we all will want to get one (at least...)

- And certainly you could develop functions to run on top of this chassis.

The advices written down at seem very helpful and to make a lot of sense to me.

Set your imagination free!

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