Sunday, October 21, 2012

1H13 Technic - Some B-models and other images

In the follow-up of the previous post about the new 1H13 Technic sets and taking the second photo also available for each set, lets make a few considerations.
In some cases this another photo  from the main model, in other it is a photo from the respective B-model.

42002 - Main Model: Hovercraft / B-model: Monoplane

Here we have the B-model, a monoplane with a V2 engine. The perfect match for the single propeller used with the hovercraft main model.
When first saw it, I was in doubt about the presence of the new 2x5 micro panels also in this model. But comparing both images I think it is a perspective illusion and that panels #3 and #4 are used at the front wings instead.

42010 - Off-Road Racer, 42011 - Race Car / Combimodel: Dragster Racer

From these it becomes more evident we also get a pair of new 2x5 micro panels in blue, from the 42010 Off-Road Racer.
The images above show a Dragster Racer, the 42010 + 42011 Combimodel, and also another image from the 42011 main model.
Guess each individual model won't have a B-model of its own. Also the "2-in-1" logo is absent from the respective boxes.

42004 - Main Model: Mini Backhoe Loader

In this case we didn't get any image from the respective B-model, but another one from the main model. The backhoe itself.
Not much to add except except there is already one exemplar running out there...

Each function or articulation is controlled from its own knob:

  • Articulated steering (via HoG in the top of the cabin)
  • Two articulations for the front loader
    • Main arm via exhausting pipe and
    • Shovel via side knob
  • Four articulations for the back tool
    • Sideways movement, rotating the whole back tool in each direction
    • Boom via rear knob
    • Stick via side knob at the end of the boom
    • The bucket uses LEGO hinges connector, thus it moves (rotates) manually

42007 - Main Model: Moto Cross Bike / B-model: Chopper Motorcycle

Is it a cross chopper, a dirt bike or has it bit of everything in it
From the chopper image it turns evident this one also uses the new 2x5 micro panels as handlebar guards. In orange...

Here it seems we got a one cylinder engine, and also have a better perspective on the new cross tires.

42006 - Main model: Excavator / B-model: ... sort of fork something...

Take your own conclusions about this one...

Where did the two large LAs went
Another great use for the 92907 part in the treads train though.

42000 - Main Model: Grand Prix Racer / B-model: Racing Semi Truck

It is not the first Race Truck neither the second one we get in the LEGO Technic assortment.
But I like it, despite its bonnet/windshield controversial proportions. The front bumper looks great!

Disclaimer: All the considerations above are based on the images and descriptions currently available only. They may not reflect precisely the function set of the final products, when we get to see them on the market.


Unknown said...

42007 B model looks pretty much exactly like a Speedway bike, used for oval racing on shale.

Nxtstep101 said...

The 42006 b-model actually looks like a treaded tractor with a hay fork.

Unknown said...

There is a large LAs at the back of 42006 B-model.

Alex Campos said...

The B-model I like the least is of the A-model I like the most: the so-called "excavator". What the heck is that, a souped-up, Mad Max-style forklift? :P

I applaud the option of making the Racing Car B-model a wholly diferent vehicle, instead of jut a different shell like this year's Crawler: this can be seen by the front suspension.

As for the Bike, I'm a bit disappointed at yet another Chooper B-model... at first I thought it was a Trial bike due to its apparently absent seat, but, looking better, it's indeed a chopper. The handlebar guards, however, are strange for this kind of bike!

Finally, the Hovercraft's B-model confirms my fear that the propeller is the same piece we know, with a pin hole instead of an axle hole. This makes it much harder to be usable, for example, as a boat propeller, for competitions like the one we saw here on TBs some time ago.

blindmelon said...

Yes, it occurs to me too, it's a speedway bike. Brake handles are pointless but otherwise it looks pretty for a B-model.

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