Thursday, October 4, 2012

42000, What the Hell...

All of a sudden, 5 months ahead in calendar, we got surprised to see the next LEGO Technic March release (42000, Grand Prix Racer), on auction at ebay...
The evidences are so many that there is no doubt of its authenticity.

Full set of photos:

Apart from a few differences, this is pretty much coincident to the early image from a box, we came to see already some weeks ago. This comes without surprise as the images from the dealers catalog are often taken from early models which may not match exactly with the final model (and that's just one of the reasons why TLG gets so upset with the early leaks). I noticed the following differences: No stickers on the box image; Several white panels were replaced with red ones and vice versa, namely the new tiny panels and the side panels behind the front suspension and lateral air intakes.

The images that now came public reveal a lot about the model's functions, new parts and its presumable origin.

As for the functions we clearly see:
  • 4 wheel double wishbone, pushrod suspension
  • Front wheel steering via HoG, in front of the cockpit
  • Two functions manual gearbox that controls (control via side gear on the back)
    • Body or engine cover lift
    • Rear spoiler tilt
  • V8 fake engine

As for the new parts, so far we can clearly see:
  • New housings for the steering portal axle hub
    • Kind of C-hub housing in the front wheels
    • Plain housing for the rear wheels
  • New 2x5 micro panels
  • There is a suspicion about a new +OOO+ beam in the front suspension, for which I've some doubts though.

As for old parts being released with new colors, we have at least some panels
  • Panel Fairing #13 (x1979) in white color
  • Panel Fairing #14 (x1980) in white color

Old parts re-released
  • The now rare 81.6 x 36 R tire, which was only released with 8146 Nitro Muscle (2 of them only, in each set as they were used in the rear wheels only).
    Although they were not much different from the 81.6 x 36 ZR tires, released with 8880 Super Car and a couple of other old sets.

As for the origin of this model and knowing this is a shipping lost item as mentioned at EB, I believe this might be a 'selling in' item which regional LEGO offices order to have at their show rooms and present in advance to their larger costumer accounts. Several details point in this direction... From left to right: 1) the small label in the bottom with the model reference hand written; 2) asymmetrically mounted parts, which is likely a mistake; 2, 3) parts not properly tighten which is likely not only a shipping consequence; 4) missing elements leading to parts not properly fixed; 2, 3, 4) these demo models are often build in rush by less experienced workforce which leads to build mistakes and parts not properly tighten.

Now looking into some details,

Together with the portal axle hub, the C-hub housing on the leftmost image serves the same function as the previous steering gear with 4 ball joints (32495c01). From the geometrical pov, the steering ball joints seem to be in the same place (almost inside the wheel which is good), but there is a substantial change for the knuckle with the ball swivel now replaced with a spindle (upper and lower Technic pins). This pushes the double A-arms joint from the knuckle, 2L towards the inner side of the suspension.

Here the image that suggests a new +OOO+ 5L beam.
While I still see no other solution to make this setup work, I'm still in doubt about this presumably new part.

Here we can see the new 2x5 micro panels, now released in red color.

The evidence that the now rare 81.6 x 36 R LEGO tires, are returning back. 4 of of them in each set, matching the 44772 wheel.

Here the 12t double bevel HoG steering knob, just in front of the cockpit, as illustrated on the former leaked image.

This image shows a 3L beam not properly attached to his counterparts because of some missing elements , but also what I think to be the mechanism that switches among the rear functions (body lift and rear spoiler tilt) - The 3x5 L-shape yellow liftarm.
The 12t double bevel gear should the knob that actuates both functions.

Now be patient!
You only have a 5 month wait ahead...


Parax said...

Yes! What The.. I don't know what's gone wrong here but surely this is not supposed to happen...

KillinQuality said...

I have a bit doubt! Every LEGO set stickers contain's the set number in variable format! I can't find the set number on these stickers. If you check the rear wing's moving mechanism, is not in straight. Some of the details are not complete to me! I can't found it on any E-bay sites!

TechnicBRICKs said...


LEGO replaced the 4-digit references by a new 5-digit code. Maybe for that reason they have not used it also on the visible part of the sticker sheet.

The mechanisms are not straight probably because this early demos model, are usually built buy not specialized personal in rush.

And yes, this is confirmed to be the official 42000 model to be released next March.

tuur said...

I think I have noticed another new part. in the 8the picture there seems to be a new (grey)part behind the red plate with "technic" one it

TechnicBRICKs said...


If you meant behind the red panel with "Technic" in it, it is not a new part, but one released with the logging truck (9397) this year.
There is another one, just in front of it.

Unknown said...

@Fernando Correia I don't doubt the +OOO+ part, I think it's actually two half width liftarms side-by-side. I think I remember seeing such a piece in either the list of parts Lego has patents for (but hasn't ever used yet), or on a prototype Technic model.

@turr, I think it is:

- mattallen37

TechnicBRICKs said...


However I don't notice any seam between the two half beams, which shouldn't be hard to notice. :P

Michael R said...

Finally, everyone can build Nathanael Kuipers' Concept Car with the proper wheels! I wonder if that model had an influence here?

RKC62 said...

I'm thinking the 5L beam between the upper and lower control arms is just a 5L beam which happens to have an axle instead of a pin in the 1st and 5th holes. This was done quite a bit in the new Technic helicopter. No reason it wouldn't be done here (an +OOO+ part would restrict the movement of the suspension too much)

MattTheTubaGuy said...

Look at the photo of the bottom. the 5 long beam doesn't have anything in the three middle holes, so either a pin hasn't been pushed all the way through, which is also attached to the thin 5 long beam, or it is +OOO+, which I think is actually more likely because the only part holding the 4 long axles in are the yellow 1/2 bushes.
also, the new thin panels in front of the intakes are attached with a red 2 long axle.
I really hope this is the final colour scheme, rather than the more red one in the first image.

RKC62 said...

The way I saw the photo was that there were pins in all three central holes (ie the flash is reflecting off the top of the outside of the pin and the bottom of the inside of the pin, hence the 2 reflections). My eyes aren't what they were 40 years ago, so I'm probably wrong.. Certainly in the overhead shot they could be empty.
There's no reason for Lego not to produce a +OOO+ beam.
The 4 axle is also held by the actual control arm/hub carrier (part 42003), and possibly the ½ beam between the control arm and the rear wishbone, but a +OOO+ would certainly do a better job of keeping the control arm rigidly horizontal as the wishbones move up and down.

Menno Gorter said...

The new micro panels must have an axle hole on one side...

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Menno Gorter

Also think so! We can see a red axle 2 from the bottom view.
Furthermore it is the most logical design option for a panel with only one connection point at that specific side.

thirdwig said...

Wow, I am a little more interesting in this set now. I like the new wheel mounts, and I could really use the +000+ liftarm. The car looks pretty good.

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