Friday, October 19, 2012

First official images from 1H13 LEGO Technic sets

Just a quick shot before leaving to work, and after a deserved rest from a LEGO event setup last night from my LUG...

The first official images for the 1H2013 LEGO Technic sets are finally available, via one store selling LEGO sets online in Switzerland (the usual kind of source we have to get access to this kind of media).

There was a certain confusion at some point about the references for 2013 as listed earlier on Brickset, where we came to think that it included already the sets for the 2H (or part of them). This seems cleared now and what we finally have are the references and images listed below.
Although these do not seem to the final boxes artwork as far as I've seen from the 1H dealers catalog. There should be a new classification system, where the sets are labeled with a number (1 to 4, maybe 5 or 6 when we came to see also the 2H sets), according to their building difficulty level.

42002 - Hovercraft

We hadn't seen one for long, but we also know this a criteria to approve the new sets to release every new year.
This is the most simple model and entry level LEGO Technic product for 2013. However not available at retail for some markets.
As it seems it has a large propeller in the back side, connected to the model fake engine. Don't know whether these are linked to some kind of wheels that move them as you push the model over your playing surface.

42010 - Off-Road Racer, 42011 - Race Car


These are two pull back models, which unique function is exactly the pull back feature. The two can be combined into a larger red/blue combimodel, likely running with two pull back motors.
These have been typically models from the Racers theme, now in the Technic line as it seems.
Wonder whether some of the already existing pull back motors will be used in these, or we will get some new PF stylized pull back motor.
The new 2x5 micro panel we came to see here, is also present in both of these. In blue at 42010 and red at 42011.

42004 - Mini Backhoe Loader

Here it starts the difficulty level 2 and I don't think it even has some kind of linear actuators.

As for the functions it looks we have:

  • Articulated steering (via HoG in the top of the cabin)
  • Two articulations for the front loader (shovel and main arm)
  • Four articulations for the back tool (sideways movement, boom, stick, bucket)

42007 - Moto Cross Bike

Apparently building difficulty level 3, with the functions below:
  • Steering (of course)
  • Front and rear suspension with shock absorbers (2+1)
  • Fake V2 engine
The panels #13 and #14 will get released in orange color with this.
New tire with cross tread, to go with the new wheels released with the last Technic motorbike (8051)

42006 - Excavator

Building level 4 - Shouldn't it be a material handler!?
It is like a tracked Excavator (as 8294 released in 2008), but with a different tool head and of course a different color and design.
We see two large Linear Actuators and on small to open/close the grabber tool

As for the functions
  • Tracks moving back and forward (obviously)
  • Superstructure rotation
  • Boom and dipper arm with respective articulations
  • And grabber tool

The grabber includes 4 of a new part made specifically to git it a more realistic look and likely more functional too.
If one of the 1H13 sets will get modification instructions for a motorized version, I'd bet on this one, despite there is nothing indicating that on the box image.

42000 - Grand Prix Racer

Also Building level 4 and it is the Technic March release, next year.
There is also nothing much to add about this one, I'd recommend to read what is know about here, if you haven't done it already.

42003 - Action Race Car

This is another reference listed at Brickset for some time, although not yet confirmed neither having known images.

Disclaimer: All the considerations above are based on the images and descriptions currently available only. They may not reflect precisely the function set of the final products, when we get to see them on the market.


Junkstyle Gio said...

The dirt-bike is the only one that looks fine to me...
(But that only because of the new tires and orange panels..)

Junkstyle Gio said...

Oh.. And the formula racer as well.. But that one is not going to become available before x-mas...

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Junkstyle Gio

Great to see you back here! :)

I like the Material handler a lot either. Besides the new parts may be seen by some as bit controversial. Are they really needed?...
At least they look nice. :)

Zachary Cross said...

I like the dirt bike for it's new pieces. If the grabber on the "excavator" is controlled from the cabin, that's pretty cool, especially if the new pieces make it better at picking things up. i also like the grand prix racer, i think those new wheel hubs could very useful.

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Zachary Cross

We can see the mechanism that controls the grabber, through the boom and dipper.
It must come from the superstructure.

Luc2000 said...

There are some more pictures of the models, at the same website. Also pics of some of the B-models! I love the airplane as B-model of the hovercraft. Definitely getting that one.

Is there a TechReverse challenge coming up? (I hope there is)

TechnicBRICKs said...


Yes, I'll try to write later about the other images as well.

And the TechReverse challenge is planned.
Just didn't though much about it yet... :)

Alex Campos said...

I thought the Technic team wouldn't bother designing a whole new part for such a specific purpose and those claws on the Handler (that's what it is, what can it excavate with that gripper? :P) were repurposed Bionicle parts. I wonder what other uses TLG intends to give to those parts...

Besides the red pullback racer, it strongly appears that the blue one also has the new 2-wide panels.

Judging the alternate picture present at the shop's site, I'd say that the Mini Backhoe had articulated steering instead of standard 4WS.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Most likely to everything! :)
Will revise the post text.

Allanp said...

The grand prix racer and the dirt bike both look awesome, and both have good new parts, will deffinately get these.

Marin said...

Did you see the new pieces in this set?

Alex Campos said...

@Marin: not only I didn't see any new parts in that, but also what does it have to do with Technic?

Menno Gorter said...

The "scooter" seems to have some interesting parts.... ;-)

Marin said...

@AVCampos: The Spider-cycle has some Technic parts. I noted them too. ;)

Marin said...

Legends of Chima appears to have some new Technic pieces too:

Unknown said...

The selection of models is very bad. I miss bigger complicated models. We used to enjoy in them

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