Monday, October 8, 2012

The parts you wish most...

As you know, the LEGO Technic Competition for 2012 is running and fans are challenged to build a new body design for the LEGO Technic 9398 4x4 Crawler, that fits the existing chassis and wheels.

It is also known this might be an opportunity for LEGO to customize some parts for this 20.000 boxes limited edition production run.
I guess some fancy chromed parts, painted ones, or made with special/unique colors, whatever... might be under consideration.

Thus we admit it could be also an opportunity to get some actual elements in colors never released before, or to get re-released some of the elements still in use by LEGO, in colors that meanwhile became rare and very hard to find...

For example, a few elements I can remember nowand that have been referenced in LEGO Technic foruns,

  • The 19L Hose Soft Axle (32235), in black (rare of course...)
  • The Technic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #4 (32192), in yellow (rare) or orange (never released)
  • The Technic Liftarm 1x6 Thin (32063), in yellow (rare)
  • The Axle Pin with Friction Ridges (43093), in black (rare)
  • Many Technic parts never released in orange...

    ... and the list continues long!

Hence, we encourage you to expand the list above, by leaving a comment to this post with your wishes, so that other builders could get inspired to use the parts you wish most.

I'm sure the LEGO Technic fans community will make good use of it!


csiquet said...

Pneumatic Airtank

Allanp said...

I want a pneumatic in a colour that makes it longer!

TechnicBRICKs said...


Blakbird said...

You already mentioned by top picks. But....

I want all these parts in orange.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Even the old panels and axles? :)

JAMS said...

3x5 L-Shaped liftarm in WHITE

Nazgarot said...

I would love to see more green parts, especially panels! And a longer pneumatic cylinder would be very welcome.

crowkillers said...


Lego has the 3 X 5 L-Shaped Liftarm in White again... There are 2 of them in the 9398 Crawler... You should be able to order them right from Lego... My friend also said that he called Lego about ordering the White 3L pin with stop bush and they said that they were going to have them in stock October 18th... They must be in an upcoming set fro 2013...

TBS said...

Ok, then lets make the list a lot longer ;-) .

-Liftarm 1x2 thin in yellow and orange and green.

-Panel 5x11x1 in blue, darkbluishgray (dbg), orange, yellow or red again.

-ALL the modern panels in blue ,lime, dbg and green.

-panels 5 and 6 in orange and dbg.
-panels 17 and 18 in yellow and dbg.

-liftarm 1x15 in blue and green.
-liftarm 5,7,9,11, in orange.
-liftarm 5,9,13 in lime.

All existing parts in dark turquoise and dark blue would be very nice too, but thats rather a far away dream i guess.

-pin long in black and loads of it.
-axle-pin in black and white... i agree.. thousands please ;-) .

-pin 1/2 in trans-clear one of my favs.

-return of all the modern gears in black or light bluish gray. / alternatively the none-existent in tan.

-technic halfbushes (4265c) in the most existing technic-colors
-same with the fullbushes (3713)

-pin with hole (87082) in all technic-colors as well as (32054)

-same with (32291), (32184),(44), (41678),(32557) and (6538c).

-liftarm thin 1x4 in orange and green and blue
1x5 in white, orange, blue
1x6 in white, dbg, orange, blue, green and yellow
same with 1x7.

wishlist almost complete.. ;-)

TBS said...

Addition - Panel 13 and 14 in dbg,
(blue, lime and green anyways.)

TBS said...

speaking of connectors...

Technic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #1 (32013) - orange

Technic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #2 (32034) - yellow, orange, dbg, tan, lime

Technic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #3 (32016), red, white, blue

Technic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #4 (32192) orange, yellow, blue, lbg, tan and white

Technic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #5 and #6 are quite good available if i remind this correctly.

-please spread the info, to increase the chance the winner uses the "right" parts.

c u Tom

Allanp said...

Also, 5x7 and 5x11 frames in many colours.

TechnicBRICKs said...

WOW this is getting traction... :)

So, builders come here and read carefully! :)


Some on the way, I guess... :)

TBS said...

ok, one more then ;-)

6538 in orange
42003 in orange, lime, blue, green, white,

43857 in white, orange, green and tan
32523 in green, orange too.

all liftarms in green

32072 - knobwheels in dbg, lbg, white or what else you like...

6587 axle 3 with stop in white and black - loads please ;-)

as well as 87083 and 55013

BIG TIME - 61905 in dbg !!!

did i mention 32184 in dbg, orange, blue, green, yellow and lime ?

32039 in ornge, lime, dbg and white

60483 in orange, yellow, blue, red, white, tan, green, etc.

did i miss something ? ;-)))

airtanks, yeah nice. +1

so much for now, should have covered pretty much.
please spread the word once eurobricks is back online.

greets from Toms Brickstore.

TBS said...

forgot 53178 in yellow...

TBS said...

Could someone of you pals make a list with it, and public them as a jpg or partslist?
Wouldn´t it be be nice...

bye for now.

TBS said...

2 more.

32138 pin-double with axlehole - in blue, dbg, orange, lime, red, white, yellow.

32054 pin-long with stopbush - in blue, dbg, orange, lime, red, white, yellow.

TBS said...

the 2 parts above in green and tan,
panel 5x11 (64782) in lime.

what else?

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