Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Battery Holders

Today I decided to bring a totally unusual topic here at TBs and talk about the solution I found to store and transport my rechargeable batteries, used with LEGO models.

Despite the fact that I normally use LEGO PF Rechargeable batteries and NXT rechargeable batteries with my MOCs, there are plenty of situations were I still need to use singular rechargeable batteries and carry replacements with me. Namely for sets using the standard PF battery box (59510c01), LEGO RC Trains, etc...
For years, I always had problems sorting and storing batteries for a set of reasons... until I've finally seen the light!...

While there are several casing solutions to store batteries with different sizes and functions, none of these seemed adequate and versatile enough to me, until I found these battery holders from PowerPax.

Simple and genius design!

With these, I can:
  • Keep my batteries sorted in groups and easily avoid to mix  batteries from different groups, with different usage cycles, different charge levels or different capacities. This way I also avoid to decrease the life span of each group due to mixed batteries.
  • Store them sorted in such a way, that I can easily keep track of which ones are still fully charged and those which are empty or already have been used (it allows me to insert fresh batteries positive side up and exhausted batteries positive side down).
  • Avoid having batteries rolling in my storage bags, boxes, etc. (no more loose batteries in the box syndrome)
  • The batteries are held tightly so they do not rattle or make any noise.
  • They help me to be more efficient and organized at LEGO events, where I need to deal with large amount of rechargeable batteries.
Also there are different types of holders, to satisfy different needs:
  • 12 Pack Caddy is excellent to handle two sets of 6 AA batteries
  • SlimLine AAA is excellent to store one set of 6 AAA batteries (for the PF AAA battery box), or two sets of 3 AAA batteries (left + right, for the PF remotes)
  • There is also a SlimLine AA PowerPax holder configuration, useful to store sets of 4 AA batteries or less, with other uses than our LEGO needs.
  • They are also available in other colors for each of the existing configurations: Clear, Black, Military Green, Yellow, Orange and Moonshine so that you can always find your batteries).
  • There are also other versions available for different batteries form factors, although less useful for our LEGO needs.

This excellent product, does just exactly what it is supposed to do and I strongly recommend it.

Very useful for my LEGO Technic needs! And they are available in orange...


Alex Campos said...

$6.95 (plus shipping) is a bit steep for a 12-pack case, and even worse for that wonderful moonshine version...
I think I'll keep storing my batteries in a cheaper, standard divided plastic box, which has the added advantage of containing leaks from eventually damaged batteries. ;)

TechnicBRICKs said...


They're indeed not cheap!...
But I've used the divided plastic box solution for long, but was not happy with it at all for several details.
So now, I'll keep my batteries inside the holders and these inside the divided a divided plastic box for transportation.
... and leaks containment (never had them with modern batteries... :)

R0Sch said...

Well, I always found this type of battery box pretty neat as it can hold 4 AA Batteries or 4 AAA if rotated by 90 degrees:

TechnicBRICKs said...


There are also some that hold 4 AA or 5 AAA (with 4 of them rotated).
Problem is that for LEGO Technic needs, batteries always go in groups of 6 (3 for the remotes) and you get some advantage if you can keep them together.

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