Monday, December 3, 2012

1H2013 LEGO Technic sets, now available from

This weekend, as usual in December, in North America was the first to make some of  the next year LEGO Technic sets available.
So far only US and Canadian fans may order them from LEGO online shop, but soon they might be available for ROW countries where the LEGO online shop is also available.
Buy them, if it happens to be one of those you have been waiting for!

The US prices can be seen from the screenshot above, and as usual the Canadian prices are a bit higher.

Have you not yet decided which ones to buy? Check other's most favorites from Brickset!

Almost simultaneously we also got some of the Building Instructions for the 1H13 sets, available online through the LEGO Customer Service webpage.

  • 42002 (Main Model - Hovercraft)
    Book 1/1 (6,06MB)

  • 42002 (B-Model - Plane)
    Book 1/1 (3,89MB)

  • 42004 (Main Model - Mini Backhoe Loader)
    Book 1/1 (5,70MB)

  • 42004 (B-Model - officially Telehander, but I'd call it a Mining Loader)
    Book 1/1 (5,94MB)

  • 42010 (Main Model - Off-Road Racer)
    Book 1/1 (4,41MB)

  • 42011 (Main Model - Racecar)
    Book 1/1 (4,62MB)

Unfortunately it looks that after some improvements the previous semesters, we got again PDF files with very bad quality and low resolution. Likely to save space on the servers and connectivity bandwidth!?

Also from the Hovercraft building instructions we can realize the 3/4 pins have become "tanned".

At the same time some new images from the other sets appeared online, at the website from a large Dutch retailer, for which I'd like to leave a few comments.

42006 - Excavator

From these images above we clearly see the model could carry a PF battery box in the bottom (drive train) and there is also a PF Electrical Switch with a red handle, visible on the first image.
This means the model might offer the option to integrate with the 8293 Motor Set, to motorize some of its functions. Due to the model size and the absence of a remote control, I bet the drive/steer functions and superstructure rotation are not controlled electrically. However the other three functions (boom, dipper and grabber tool) should be! As such, it should have two levels to control a switch box, which we can also see from the same image, on the top of the superstructure.
Pretty amazing for a model this size!

The only reason I could imagine for the model designer having used a PF switch here, is the position of the battery box (longitudinal with the drive train), which should make the main switch hardly accessible and less convenient to use for switching polarity to reverse the functions. Since the PF Switch comes for free with the Motor Set, it is a win-win..

42007 - Moto Cross Bike
Besides it is a new image, there is not much to add about this one, relative to the other images already available before.

And now, do not forget! - The ads on the right column, are the most convenient way to get you directly into the and simultaneously support this blog.

LEGO TECHNIC New for 2012

Happy shopping!


Michael R said...

It looks like 3/4 pins will be tan too!

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yeah right!
Forgot to mention that too...
Will edit the post to reflect that.


Urgentissimo! said...

42006: the black gears in the back seem "knobs" to move something... Anyway, it's a great set with a very nice design. Won't miss.

TechnicBRICKs said...

I believe these knobs control the same functions, when not using the electrical power.
Although I'm not sure they are effective, once the motor modification is done.

rherberg said...

those instructions are really bad quality, but with the smaller sets its not a problem, because you get both manuals in the box

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