Monday, December 31, 2012

CUUSOO 2012 disapointments

And the mountain gave birth to a little mouse...

2012 is about to finish and I did not want to let it go, without leaving some notes in the sequence of the last LEGO CUUSOO Summer Review disappointing results, and what I fear the next reviews could become (don't need to go on details about the specific review results on the different models).

Regardless of the review results for this or that specific project that achieved the 10.000 supporters, I fear CUUSOO won't be viable to produce other than small models (like we have seen so far) with too few or no new specific parts at all.
The high number of variables influencing the business case of a proposed model, inevitably limit a lot what a successful project could be. TLG has a business to run hence probably it can't be in any other way, however it looks like CUUSOO won't be able to deliver what many of us may have dreamed to get from it.

From the review results so far, I guess it won't be difficult for the fans to learn by the example and foresee what the review of many ongoing proposed models could become, if they eventually reach the required amount of supporters.
Question now and thinking specifically in terms of Technic proposals, is to know if there is a chance we will ever see any significant Technic thing getting out of CUUSOO...

Now looking at just the two most supported Technic models on CUUSOO, so far...

Land-Rover Defender 110

Despite it is progressing at good speed to achieve the 10.000 supporters, Sheepo's Land Rover Defender seems to have is faith already drawn, as we can read from the LEGO official comments left to this proposal - Not that I have ever though it would do, at least in its actual from.
Sincerely hope Sheepo will provide an answer to the challenge addressed to him in these comments, and return with viable proposals to slim down the model while keeping the essence of his proposal.

Vampire GT Supercar

At this point I wonder what the review results will be if this awesome masterpiece will get the necessary amount of supporters. So far it is struggling to reach the first 3.000 supports which remains a mystery to my mind.

Don't give up!
Keep supporting and let us find what LEGO CUUSOO Review has to answer to these.


Unknown said...

Even if Lego never picks up the Vampire GT as a model via Cuusoo, you can still support Paul Boratko by directly purchasing the plans from him via the Crowkillers website. He also gives back to the community with many of his plans free for download.

g said...

There are also many videos on YouTube that give very detailed coverage of all of Crowkillers models.

Dave said...

I'm afraid that your assessment of LEGO CUUSOO is correct. It's a shame to get people's hopes up for a cool model, only to dash those hopes after 10,000+ votes are collected. So far, the Japanese have an "inside track" on how to get models accepted, but since there are few Japanese Technic AFOLs, the prospects look dim. Contests like the limited-edition, 20,000-copy 9398-type set (featured in the 2012 Lego Technic Competition) may be the way of encouraging Technic designers. The CUUSOO is really underwhelming.

Kenneth Westelinck said...

Maybe our expectations for LEGO CUUSOO are just too high. Being AFOLs we would love to get the stuff from Crowkillers, Sheepo and the sandcrawler into production. It would be "less" expensive for us to buy the boxes and build them, compared to try and find all the necessary pieces on Bricklink (or other channels).
We should not forget LEGO is primarily a toy and toys, apparently, have a limited part count, price and complexity :( The unimog was big and complex too, so maybe there's still hope.
I would definitely buy the models from Sheepo and Crowkillers, they got my support for this.
I was pleased with the summer review though, being a big fan of Back To The Future :)

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