Thursday, December 27, 2012

Images for the 2H13 sets already online!

It was about time and here they are! So called watermarked images (hence not published here) from the dealers catalog with the 2H13 LEGO sets have just appeared at Brickshelf, including the new Technic sets!

42001: Mini Off-Roader

This seems to be a very small set, but there is not much we can see from the image available.
Can't be sure which tires are these, or if they are some new ones we should expect for this or the next year.
Most prominent color - Orange.

42005: Monster Truck

Mid-sized monster truck with red body.
Can't be sure which tires are these, or if they are some new ones we should expect for this or the next year.
It seems to have suspension at the 4 wheels and 4-wheel steering with HOG control.
Still unclear whether it uses pendular or live axles suspension.

42008: Service Truck

This is a large Tow Truck type vehicle with Power Functions in the box and pneumatics.
Truck has 4 wheeled axles. Two steered at front and other two in the rear side.
It seems to include one Battery Box and one motor, although can't be sure whether it is M, L or XL-motor.
Color schema is green (panels) plus red (front bumper and tow).
Likely the pneumatics will make part of the motorized function in this model, which could mean we may have a compressor. Maybe to lift the boom and/or the towing platform.

42009: Mobile Crane MK II

This is a large mobile crane with 5 wheeled axles and 3 section boom.
It includes also several Power Functions elements with the box. One Battery Box and one motor.
It seems there is something more included, but maybe it is just the rear outriggers popping over the PF orange side banner.
From the circle highlight in the box, it looks we gonna have one or two gearboxes controlling four different functions. We can notice an 'H' shape that suggests this setup.
I'm in doubt where the Battery Box will seat (behind the truck cabin or behind the crane cabin), since most of the potential motorized functions belong to the crane.
Color schema is fundamentally yellow, as usually LEGO does, for this type of machinery.
With the usual low quality images that we get at this point, there is not much more we could infer about the construction itself.

Interesting the 'MK II' suffix in the model name. Does it means it meas this one was designed by Markus Kossman (who has also designed its predecessor 8421 Mobile Crane) or is it the general abbreviation for 'Make II' as used in the old classic, 8448 Super Street Sensation aka Super Car MK II ?

As far as I can remember it is the first time we get two large sets with PF included in the box, at the same semester. It sounds like a double flagship release, despite we also had a similar feeling in 2012 with the release of the 9396 Helicopter.


Unknown said...

I assume we're not allowed to see the images yet? I can't see any images :-/

Unknown said...

Found some mirrors for the Images -
Mini Off-Roader:
Monster Truck:
Service Truck:
Mobile Crane MK II:

JTZshokunin said...

I love the green on 42008! It also looks like its got nice wheel scaling.

42009 look beautiful and more realistic than 8421! I'm a little sad though that they weren't able to do 4 boom sections, but it's understandable 'cause that would probably require some new elements at this scale.

Unknown said...

The Service Truck and the Moblie Crane MK ll got me sold. Looks like a other $400+ on Technic.

CSCalciano said...

Am I the only one who's wondering what the B models will be? Especially for 42009? Because I can remember lots of instances (like 8285), where I preferred the B model, though it's not likely I'll prefer anything to the A model of 42009.

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