Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New parts on the way

Aside the few new parts that we have seen on the 1H13 Technic sets (micro panels, two new housings for the portal axle wheel hubs, pullback motor and new design for the 8t gear - hope I did not forget any), we are now starting to see some other Technic like parts, with the remaining LEGO sets arriving in 2013.

Below the examples I got to see here and there so far, in order of appearance,

Plate with pin hole mount. Functionally not much different from a Technic Brick 1x2 with two holes, but certainly more specific for certain uses. Guess more useful for SYSTEM rather then Technic sets.

This one looks like a Liftarm 2x4 L with a transverse pin hole (or is it an axle hole?). I think it could become very useful even for Technic theme (if it really turns to be a pin hole), despite its debut on SYSTEM sets.

This was reported to be found into LDD Technic library, however I wonder what that means, as we can't see such type of imagery into LDD. Also the purpose and part connectivity (opposite to the clip) remains a mystery to me.

This one appears into a Hero Factory set (44000). It seems interesting, although its utility for pure Technic models remains to be seen.

What else could be also arriving?


Philo said...

"two new housings for the portal axle wheel hubs"
I missed this one, where can I see it?
The bar tube with clip appears indeed in LDD extended mode, part 11090.

Fredrik Gløckner said...

I think the "bar tube with clip" looks quite useful. It is in a way the inverse of the "Bar 1L with Clip Mechanical Claw" (48729), in that it can be slided onto the end of a bar for a clip connection. It can be very useful for making lattice like structures, for example.

Fredrik Gløckner said...

Oh, and another comment on the "bar tube with clip". The sleeve probably fits into a technic pin hole with some friction, and hence, can be used to hold a flex system cable hose, for example. That can be quite useful for pneumatics.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Find more on the new housings at the post about the F1 car leak.

As for the bar tube I meant the image shown is not a LDD image, so this specific image should have been found somewhere else, which probably could give us more information about this part.


Indeed if the parts connect like you described (guess so). Although I do not foresee much strength out of this combination for lattice. Maybe for aesthetics purposes.

The flex system was exactly what I firs thought when I saw this image.
However I still did figured out how/if they could be connected.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Having a closer look to the bar tube with clip, it doesn't seem to have a true tight tube, but a superficial sleeve. Thus I'm not convinced it connects effectively with a part like 48729.

Fredrik Gløckner said...

This is just speculation, of course, but I note that the inside of the sleeve with clip is not entirely circular. There are two "notches" on opposite sides, which I think will provide friction when connecting a bar. Hence, I guess it will have some structural stability.

But this is just speculation, naturally.

J. Fred said...

In the last image (Sword), is the ball with the axle passing all the way through it new?

TechnicBRICKs said...


LEGO has a ball with through axle hole (53585). Might be this one in use here.

Don't know whether the central axle hole of this new part, is continuous through or split in two at the middle.

Toa Of Justice said...

@Fernando Correia

The central axle hole of the new piece from 44000 Furno XL is split in two at the middle, according to this review on Eurobricks.

Ondra said...

New sets for second half
42005 - Monster Truck - Red car
42008 - Service Truck - Green motorized tow truck
42009 - Mobile crane MK II - mobile yellow motorized crane truck.probably very similar to 8421.

P.s.:Not fully motorized only one motor and BB in each set.

J. Fred said...

Man every time I think I have all the parts I could ever want I find out there are dozens more I never knew existed.

TechnicBRICKs said...


@Steven Schifter
I took the iages from the same review, but missed that info. :)

I suspected there was something green on the way, when I saw the 11x5 green panels were still in production for 2013. :)

TechnicBRICKs said...


The holes seen the surface could also mean something.
It always reminds me a rope and knot. :/

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