Thursday, December 20, 2012

TBs TechChallenge, 2012 - Reverse 42002 - The submissions

As you might remember, this year we had to make an early closure of the TechREVERSE Challenge 2012 on the seventh day, once the 42002 (Hovercraft) set was spotted at a physical TRU store in Canada.

Even though we had a full hand of submissions in this short period of time.

As we knew there were some sets being offered online by TRU, there was some pressure because that Challenge could be closed at anytime. Hence it was made an exception allowing for the contestants to submit a first preliminary entry to guarantee their participation and a second one if still in time. Only the latest one would be considered by the jury for evaluation, with the respective order of submission.

And now it is time to see the submissions that we got from you.

Again several participants have chosen to prepare their entries with LDD and faced some difficulties because of some shortages from LDD 4.3 (the latest version available). Namely some hoses still cannot be flexed with LDD and you choose to used alternate parts that can flex or leave them straight at the side of your model - still to decide how to handle this situation... if I will count the respective mismatches of if make another exception besides the challenge rules being clear on this.

Now in the order of their entrance, here is the list of submissions and respective authors:
  • Luc Worms (Luc2000) - NL
  • Algirdas Lašas (Lashas) - LT
  • Han Crielaard (Designer-Han) - NL
  • Nathanaël Kuipers (Industrial Designer) - SE
  • Shimon Bogomolov - IL - Submission not considered, because it arrived already after the contest  have been closed.

As a matter of curiosity, I think it is the first time we get a participant from Lithuania. 
Bellow you can see the renders provided by the participants, with their submissions.

Also it is interesting to observe the submissions distribution across the different tools allowed in contest:
  • LDraw/MLCad - 2
  • LDD - 3
  • SR3D - 0
These figures include the participation that arrived after the deadline and they show a small preference for LDD this year, although the sample is quite small.

The submitted renders:

In order of appearance from left to right: Luc. Algirdas, Han, Nathanaël and Shimon.

The most realistic render we got this time was that one below, from Han Crielaard.

Let me express here how thankful we're for those who took their time to participate, specially under such rush pressure and working with a model that offered quite some challenges to reverse. Also a big thanks for the LEGO Technic Design Team for having accepted to collaborate with TBs oncemore with this Challenge and for supporting us with all the prizes to give away.


The prizes were just confirmed and they are still to arrive. As I've been quite busy I did not yet started the mismatches counting and as previously announced I plan have all the evaluation work ready at sometime during next January (also the usual time frame as per previous editions).

In the meantime let me leave you with the prizes, which for a set of reasons had not yet been communicated before (sorry for that).

1st place - 42006 Excavator
2nd place - 42007 Moto Cross Bike

3rd and 4th places - 42002 Hovercraft

All the boxes will be signed by the respective LEGO Designers as usual.


Shimon430 said...

aww i was just a day late.. just a piece of bad luck.. entry closed too early so i just changed the entry model and added parts just to show how i would have built it.. either way it was very challenging.. yep being the only one without getting anything.. kinda sucks

TechnicBRICKs said...


We talked about this before. Unfortunately it was a situation the was out of our control and we just needed to define a clear point where the Challenge was suspended.

Even though your efforts are credited here and I'll still count the mismatches in your model together with the others and publish the results either.

Lesson learned (for the 2nd time...) is that we should pursue all efforts to start this kind of Challenge sometime earlier, for the next editions. :P

Thanks for your participation!

Luc2000 said...

Cool prizes! And I won something! Can't wait to see what I won :)

I agree that the flex hoses question is a tough one. Maybe I'll give SR3D builder another try next year, if LDD still has the current shortages. For now, I suggest you'll count the mismatches and see if it makes any difference at all.
I think it wouldn't be fair if you counted each hose as more than 1 penalty.

TechnicBRICKs said...


It sound to be a good compromise.
To count the mismatch, but only once.

Anyway lets see the difference it makes, as you suggested.

Designer-Han said...

Indeed nice prizes. And glad to see that I won one. For sure I will end up on the 4th place given the wrong position of the triangles, which lead to even more other misplacements as well. :-) So, having the most realistic render is really from the outside seen.... Wthin the model it is a mess. :-))

I really liked this challenge, a real brain teaser and not easy to solve.

Next year a reverse challenge with only the part list available, the name of the model, but no picture? ;-)

TechnicBRICKs said...


Brain burner challenge you're proposing... :)

Unknown said...

Nice prizes :) And great to know that I won something :) From given images I think I'm going to take 3-4th place, because I forgot to place few parts, which are obvious from B model, and internals are not all correct :)

And for flex parts - I think we should just ignore them, until it makes any difference... And then to count as single mismatch.

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