Thursday, January 31, 2013

Impressions on the 2H13 sets

Have been about to finish this post for a few days... almost the same time since I had the chance to take a detailed look to the 2013 Dealers Catalog. However I had a trip in between and there was no mood to finish this before...
As expected the catalog included all the 2H13 LEGO Technic sets already. No pictures taken from watermarked images, sorry!

However I thought you would like to know about my first impressions on these sets.
Yeah, I know... some photos from the 42009, Mobile Crane MK II have meanwhile appeared online since the opening of the Toy Fair running in Nuremberg.

But here we go...

42001, Mini Off-Roader

  • 7-14 years
  • Orange/Black body
  • Same tire/wheels as in 8066 Off-Roader.
  • Apparent it has some sort of fully independent suspension.

42005, Monster Truck
  • 9-16 years
  • Red body
  • Its appearance looks a bit like the 9398 4x4 Crawler, although at a much smaller scale.
  • It has HoG steering, 4WS and live axle suspension at both front and rear axles.
  • Tire/wheels combination in use, seem to be the same as used in 8295 Telescopic Handler, for you to have an idea on the scale.

42008, Service Truck
  • 10-16 years
  • Green body with Red details and apparent black chassis (or at least parts of it), including at least several 1x5x11 green Technic panels.
  • It includes one PF Battery Box and one PF M-Motor, which are used for the motorized rear outriggers and lift via Linear Actuator.
  • This set also includes pneumatic elements and functions (the tube is seen along the crane). They are used at least to tilt the tow fork, although I can't see whether this is powered with a manual or a motorized pump. At least there is no manual pump I can see visible.
  • This is an European stile truck ,with two steerable axis at the front and other two fixed in the back.
  • Again the tire/wheel combination seems to be the same as used in the 8109 Flatbed Truck.
  • This might make us think they are about the same-scale, however the Flatbed Truck was a 15 wide and the new Service Truck is 13 wide.

42009, Mobile Crane MK II
  • 11-16 years
  • It is huge and rumored to have more than 2600 parts which makes it the biggest LEGO Technic set ever released.
  • With both letters capitalized in the model's name I guess they stand for 'Markus Kossmann II' rather then 'Make II'.
  • The model is essentially Yellow and DBG, and we welcome the return of the yellow 1x5x11 panel.
    There is also one in LBG which seems to be a kind of working trapdoor covering something.
  • It includes one PF Battery Box and one PF L-motor to motorize 4-functions selectable from one gearbox, from a side panel on the crane turret.
  • Obviously the Battery box goes as the telescopic boom counter weight in the turret back side.
  • The gearbox defines an H pattern and as expected the functions seems to be,
  • Telescopic boom - lift / lower 
  • Telescopic boom - extend / retract
  • Hook - lower / raise
  • Stabilizing outriggers - extend / retract 
  • If it is so, the turret rotation remains manual, as before.
  • The huge telescopic boom is a three-section one, it is raised with a pair of Linear Actuators and I just hope it performs better than those on the 8043 Motorized Excavator.
  • As expected for this kind of model, there are 4 outriggers (motorized ones this time) which seem very detailed in their function. There is a small linear actuator in each one, and they seem to lower / raise at the same time they extend outwards or retract inwards, which looks very interesting and promising. But for sure this model will not stand on its own weight...
    From the outriggers image and mechanism, it seems we will get some sort of new and long waited extensible shaft that will transmit rotational movement to the mLAs, while the outrigger extends outwards (unless I'm just seeing or imagining things...). :expectation:
  • There is also a fake engine behind the drivers cabin, between two side panels which seems to be a V8.
  • You will notice the hook chosen for this model is not the metallic version anymore. However it uses quite a lot of LEGO elements which should make it heavy enough to keep the rope perfectly stretched all the time.
  • The tire/wheel combination is the same last used used with the 8258 Crane Truck, with the 62.4x20mm tire, which gives you the scale of the model. However we must realize that unlike its 8421 Mobile Crane predecessor, the new model has 5 axles. From these, 4 seems to be steerable and steer at different angles (two in the front and two in the rear).
  • And probably one the little details that most caught my attention, is the curve panels used to cover the boom, being of the same new type as used in the LMS EV3 Education extension pack (those in black). If no other use or improvement the seem at least to provide extra connection points and thus improved usage flexibility.
  • Already into the details, the doors on the driver's cabin really open and close, which is a nice detail the Designer didn't miss.
  • Guess it was missed the opportunity to make a manually raiseable cabin on the turret, like in many real machines like this nowadays. It would have been an opportunity to increase playability even further, at a very little cost.

I like the overall looking of this beast very much. Just hope it works as well as it looks.
It looks it gonna be a great model, but certainly also expensive!...

Now I was to leave you with some images from the previous incarnations of these two large models, 8285 Tow Truck and 8421 Mobile Crane.

But yeah, the Nuremberg Toy Fair pictures are already there!



Unknown said...

Please check this video ( the steering axl are 4, the 2 frontal and the 2 rear. Just the "middle" axl it's un-steering :)

Unknown said...

thirdwig said...

I think we have a sliding 8 tooth gear in 42008. (

thirdwig said...

Forgive me, the part is in 42009.

Jetro said...

In the second picture of the 42009 you cans see a red selector over the 2nd and 3rd wheels. That together with the fact that there is a panel that can be opened over the same location, appears to indicate this selector could be used to change between the outriggers extending laterally and using the mini LAs to make them tough the ground.

Unknown said...

in the first picture of the crane truck you can see a picture of the tow truck's box in the upper right corner

tuur said...

its simply a long axle (prehaps, hopely 16l) that slides trouhg this red 8 thoot gear

JAMS said...

the service truck IS 15 wide,
with the black fenders, that is

the green body paneling is 13, but overall the truck is 15 wide

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