Friday, January 11, 2013

LEGO Technic Competition 2012 - Vote for the winner

As you might know the LEGO Technic Competition 2012, final phase where you can chose among 10 finalists and vote for your favorite, started last Wednesday (9th).

I'm actually quite curious to see how the voting results could differ (or not) from an AFOL and LEGO Technic fan base and a more broaden base of visitors as the LEGO Technic website will be. Hence I've decided to run a poll here at TBs , to know more about that eventual difference.

Here are the finalists, in the order of appearance as they were presented at the competition official voting page, in the moment that I retrieved the images from website (their thumbnails are displayed in random order).

The Boss by rm88

Highway Enforcer by crazy_1993

Loghead 4x4 Crawler by hellraiserrocky

Lime / Green Offroader by megil07

Yellow Offroader by technicsupercars

Technic Truck by idkwhoyouare

Quad Bike by hrontos

Red and Black Offroader by techniccustom

Blue and White Offroader by MarkusOSX

Black and Red Offroader by LEGOfyn11

Cast your vote at the competition page, and lets see which one we will get as exclusive next summer.


Ondra said...

That police cruiser is absolutely atonishing, I have no other word to describe.Clean and aggresive design.
Im curious why boss car have so many votes because there arent much difference between 9398 and boss.

Kenneth Westelinck said...

Yes, my thoughts exactly. It is by far the best amongst the finalists.

rherberg said...

Where's the dunechaser???

TechnicBRICKs said...


At my home! :D

Soon I should publish some more information about the model.

Unknown said...

I'm really digging 'The Boss by rm88' ...That thing looks sweet!

EpicentrE7 said...

To me, Technic is about mechanics and functionality, not aesthetics. Sure, aesthetics are nice, but they're not the line's speciality.

I was expecting, when the voting started, to see at least some entries that, while they used the chassis, had something really inventive and intereting on their top half. Something with good functionality and interesting mechanisms. Instead I cannot fathom why TLG even bothered to make this a "Technic" competition if all we're voting between is between one boring truck and the next.

I hope this is a one-off, and next time we get an official Technic competition it actually reflects the strengths and purpose of Technic, rather than focusing on nothing but aesthetics.

rherberg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rherberg said...

I agree, I always make the second model, but this one I didn't even bother with because it had no technic functionality. That's why this competition is a bit daft, why get a third build that doesn't have any technic functionality...and thus basically the same.

rherberg said...

oh...and the model that's going to win this (pretty obvious by now) will be a lot more expensive because of the increased number of parts, My guess is €250 at least, so I will pass on this one...

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