Friday, January 25, 2013

The LEGO Technic 2012 Competition winner

The LEGO Technic Competition 2012 has finished and the public has chosen its preferred model among the 10 proposals taken by the LEGO Technic designers team, to the final for the public vote.

The lucky winner was the Boss, designed by rm88 from Russia!

And so it finished also the poll ran here at TBs which tried to evaluate how the views from a more focused Technic fans community and a broader audience could differ.

I do not want to take too much conclusions out of this but here the results, naturally with a much lower number of votes (a total near 350), were a bit different.

Lets say that as it seems that for the TBs readers, the Highway Enforcer by crazy_1993, should have won.
Nevertheless it achieved a very honorable 2nd place, from all those who did vote at the official competition website.

Now  let's wait for the summer, to see what will really get out of this and how it will differ from the original winner proposal.


Markus said...

I think that the Dunechaser should have won, but whatever :D

I told LEGO's "Community Operations Manager" via e-mail that it would have made much more sense, not to require a registration plus login to vote. But nevertheless, I think the idea is great and love the outreach from LEGO. They surely will work on the processes and the next challenge will be improved.

Might still buy the model :)

Kenneth Westelinck said...

I hope it will differ a lot, because the Boss is plain ugly :(
I will buy the set though, great resource for parts.

Unknown said...

Hm, a technical competition this was meant to be? Sorry not for me. It was maybe a competition to find the most voters. It did not matter if those voters understand anything about LEGO design. For me the competition was a flop from the start. A lot of designs showed up that did not have anything to do with the competition theme at all.
The only hope is for a better next time. Chrislegix

Markus said...

I didn't mind the models, which where totally off. It is meant for children and that's how they roll :)

I just didn't like the presentation and voting mechanism. But I'm sure, they will improve on that.

TechnicBRICKs said...

I agree the voting mechanism had some serious flaws...

But they were not specifically related with contest itself.

More on the way TLG had implemented the authentication on their website.

Ondra said...

This competition was garbage, it won because all russians voted for this because rm88 post it to russian forum.If this competition was some like cuusoo maybe winners will be completely different.

But this winner have some plus for me, I save money.

P.s.:I hated that captch here, hardest captcha ever seen.

rherberg said...

hate the competition, not the participants :)

Won't be buying it, it's just a third build and I didn't even build the second (wich I always do), better save my money voor EV3 :D

JTZshokunin said...

I really hope they do the Technic Challenge again.

crowkillers said...

I would have rather had the Technic Design team pick the winner...

Personally I think contests between builders are not a great idea...

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