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TBs TechChallenge, 2012 - Reverse 42002 - The results

I know I'm late like no one. No excuses about that!...

While I'm quite shamed with my delay, I really had an hard time to evaluate the mismatches on the submissions to the 4th TBs TechREVERSE Challenge.
The challenge was specially difficult this time (we knew it since the beginning) and because of that, all the submissions had a huge load of mismatches. So that it turned virtually impossible to make an evaluation without a certain amount of personal judgement and subjectivity.
From the beginning I thought the B-model should have been easier. Now I'm sure it should have been the one used for the challenge this time.

When evaluating the individual interpretations of the 42002 Hovercraft, it came almost always to a point where the differences were so significant, that it turned quite difficult to count which parts were missing, in excess, or misplaced... And such evaluation may have an influence on the number of mismatches counted ahead.
For three of the entries I was not able to consistently count further, once I reached the inner part of the model. At least one was not even functional and some parts were also loose or overlapping.

As we got three different sets for the prizes this time, the relative ranking among the participants would make a difference, which turns accurate scoring even more important. But unfortunately this was not possible at all.
Because it was not possible to evaluate most of the submissions thoroughly till the end, I had to make some subjective evaluation to rank a few entries relative to the others, while trying to be fair with everyone.

Firstival for those contestants who may also want to check their own submissions, here it is the link to download the official building instructions for 42002. Also the parts list from this model can be found at the end of these instructions.

This year we got 4 valid submissions at contest, which despite being quite less than in the previous TechREVERSE edition, it also reflects the increased difficulty of the Challenge, but mainly the fact that we had to anticipate the end date for submissions. For this reason we also got a submission after this revised period.
As previously announced [1, 2] TBs got some sets to prize those who have made the best guesses on how to build the model under contest. These are, one 42006 Excavator, one 42007 Moto Cross Bike for the 2nd place and a couple of 42002s for the next two.

These will be shipping very soon and meanwhile I'll leave you again with a group photo below.
As it is already a tradition from TechREVERSE, you will get each box signed by the respective Designer, which is another prize in itself - 42002 by Alfred Pederson, 42007 by Aurélien Rouffiange and 42006 by Michael Jeppesen. Hope you can appreciate the exclusiveness of these prizes.

For the second time there were accepted three different tools for the participants to build their entries and submit them to the Challenge (LDraw, LDD and SR3D Builder).
Although only two of them were used by the contestants this time.

The mistakes were quite different among participants this time, as a significant part of the model was well hidden behind all the panels, on the only image available at the time.
Because everyone took a different approach representing the flexible hoses and all had one or another difference to the actual model, or used different tools which didn't not allow to compare all at the same level, I've decided to register the potential mismatches but not count them.

You may find the details at the evaluation PDF file, available here.

As I mentioned above the evaluation took is part of subjectivity (namely between the 2nd and 3rd), but there was a clear winner for this challenge! This was also the only one which was fairly easy to keep counting mismatches till the 1st building step.
If you want to compare the different submissions I'm having the links to download the several submissions, ahead in this post.

And now I must finally disclose that the winning submission was entered by... Nathanaël Kuipers (Industrial Designer) who will receive the first prize.

The overall classification for all entries and prizes is the following,
  • 1st - Nathanaël Kuipers (Industrial Designer), SE - 42006 Excavator
  • 2nd - Luc Worms (Luc2000), NL - 42007 Moto Cross Bike
  • 3rd - Algirdas Lašas (Lashas),LT - 42002 Hovercraft
  • 4th - Han Crielaard (Designer-Han), NL- 42002 Hovercraft

From the left to right, thei remaining renders in respective order.

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for participating into this 4th TBs TechREVERSE Challenge!

Unlike earlier said, given the difficulties above mentioned, I decided to not proceed  counting mismatches of the fifth entry arriving after the Challenge closure, as it also has the same kind of differences to the actual model which would prevent me to reach the end and it would be pointless at this point.

Also, I'd like to thanks all those who made this Challenge possible once more:
  • The LEGO Technic Team, for the support and for providing the nice prizes.
  • And finally of course, all those who were engaged with this Challenge, either by sending their submissions or the enthusiasm joining the initiative by leaving their comments to the respective posts.

Hopefully we can repeat it again, with some 2014 model....

The prizes shipping costs are sponsored by TBs , with the revenue generated from the LEGO ads. Please do not forget to help us supporting these costs, whenever you do your LEGO purchases from, accessing the LEGO online shop from the ads displayed in this blog.

PS: I'll hold the prizes shipping till the end of this wee, just in case someone wishes to raise a claim regarding the assessment of their mismatches/penalties and overall classification.


Luc2000 said...

It must have took forever to count all those mismatches!

Thank you very much for making this contest possible!
And... I won something (not that it was difficult with 4 prizes and 4 entries), but I'm happy anyway :D The moto cross bike is a nice set.

And congrats on winning, Nathanael!

Nathanaël said...

Well played everybody! This was a tough challenge. And of course a big thank you to Fernando. I can hardly imagine how difficult it must have been to judge all those mismatches in a fair way. Luckily for him there were just 4 entries this time, instead of the usual 10 or more. Bring on the next challenge!:)

Designer-Han said...

'At least one was not even functional and some parts were also loose or overlapping'

:-) That must be me....

No problem at all Fernando for taking so long. I feel sorry for all the mismatches which made your life so difficult.

I'm very glad with the hovercraft (to be honest I did prefer it above the bike)...

And now wait for October for the next challenge. I guess you will try to issue it one month earlier.

Designer-Han said...

And of course, congrats to all others. I really respect Nathanael for his continuous performance. Even given your TLC background it is impressive to rebuild the models so close to the originals.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Regarding the non-functional it was you indeed. ;)
But I admit you all had no other chance than to hit a lot of mismatches. If one thing failed was the decision about the model to bring into contest.
It would have been easier with the B-model, but still there was a reason for this decision.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Everything is packed!
Just need to print and attach the labels.

Will drop everything tomorrow, in the post office.

TechnicBRICKs said...

All shipped!

It should arrive at your hands soon.
Let me know once arriving.

Best, Fernando

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