Sunday, May 12, 2013

B-models for bigger 2H13 sets

And now on the same place, also some great pictures from B-models of the two main sets to be released next summer.

42008 - Service Truck / Crane Truck with Semi-Trailer

Not much to say about this one, except it looks a much valid proposal for the part assortment in this set. The green/red color combination in this model makes it look quite different from all the rest.

The crane extends with a large LA and if I got it right the mLA is used to make the crane to swivel manually (nice and a different idea - interesting use for the u-joint).
The grabber on the crane on the crane operates with a small pneumatic cylinder which is feed by an electric pump.
The gearing on the back side also suggest some action. I'm not sure whether they're outriggers, a semi-trailer locking mechanism, or both.
Looking at the yellow handle on the side, I'd say there is a 2-function switch-box to choose between the pump and rear functions. I'm not sure how to extend the large LA on the crane arm though. 
The truck has a manual winch at front, cabin doors seem to open and steering is controlled via HoG. The semi-trailer has also a manual gear to make it stand when separated from the truck, and I think there is another manual geared function to make the cargo bed to turn sideways and unload the payload.

42009 - Mobile Crane Mk II / Reach Stacker

Despite this is not really an hit in terms of aesthetics or even in terms of proportions compared to the real vehicles (look at the wheels), it is a very interesting B-model and one great attempt from the designers to make something different, complex and with plenty of functions. The large partcount from the Mobile Crane may have helped ofc.
I'm very pleased to see a Reach Stacker or Container Stacker, added to the assortment, as it is something I've been willing to build myself for such a long time.Just wish this would have come as a main model, but hope is not lost. There are many years of LEGO Technic sets to come.

Despite not hyper-realistic I like the way the container holder is built, and appreciate the the fact that the operator cabin can be raised. Just can't see if this done manually or somehow geared.
The high count of wheels and parts in the Mobile Crane, even allowed to create a two vehicle set which is a nice aspect. The small truck has an auto-centering mechanism that guides the container as it is released and it also features 4-wheel steering.

To be honest, I'm not sure about which one I will prefer to build first.


Unknown said...

Technic still seems to re-hash / renew old models / same models every few years etc...

Alex Campos said...

The image of the 42008-B looks unfinished: there seems to be railing on the main vehicle only on the right side, and lots of exposed mechanics on the left side... as if it's an intended kind of "cutaway view" to better see the mechanisms in the vehicle. I'd say the motorised functions are the compressor and the large LA (powered by the same axle around which the crane rotates). But, am I mistaken or the arm has only two degrees of freedom (rotation and "elbow")? If so, the area where it can pick or drop objects is very limited. I'm not sure if the 2nd small cylinder could be used here and if it would be strong enough.

Indeed the proportions of the 42009-B look weird! But, more than the proportions, the fact that the truck has four-wheel steering is weirder. This kind of vehicle doesn't usually require that much manoeuvrability. Then again, it means more intricate mechanisms, so who am I to complain? ;) As for the container handler (which would make more sense to have 4WS than the truck), it appears to use just 2 of the 4 mLA's in the grabber. As the bulk of its mechanisms apparently resides of the boom (notice the "upside down" LA's), there's lots of room in the main hull for a simple mLA-powered mechanism for raising the cabin.

Although there are far worse B-models (including the 42008's ancestor, the 8421), I still prefer both sets' A-models.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Guess they added 4WS to truck on 42009's B-model, just because they had the required parts available in the BOM of the main model. :P
Always a good excuse to add something! :)

896gerard said...

The 42008-B uses one mLA for tipping its semi-trailer sidewards, you can see the 2 rear ends of it from the first photo.

The reach stacker uses the 'sliding 8-gear' and a very long axle (32L?) to have a (motorized?) function on the container grabber. This adds great functionalities: it prevents from using pneumatics for an additional function that is mounted onto an extending boom. It comes in very handy when you want a model to be fully mechanical (pneumatics may be nice, but mechanical is most times more precise).

LamborghiniWaffleSauce said...

These look terrible...

For the 42009-B, I was expecting something similar to 8258 Crane Truck, only with 6 wheels (the rear ones double...)
Oh well. Challenge accepted.

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