Thursday, August 29, 2013

EV3 took over

We are at two day from 31313 EV3 MINDSTORMS (the retail version) release and the new website is already up and running.

There you may download the EV3 software for free, apps for mobile devices running iOS and Android, building instructions (missions better said) for the 12 bonus models developed by MCP community members, find cool videos and walpapers, and much more.

Go and pre-order now!

LEGO Brand Retail

Take a look 3XPLORE, and 3NJOY!


GuiliuG said...

The Ev3 software is for free ?! So I can buy the educationnal version and install this software on my brick ?

Jetro said...

Yes and no and then yes again:
You can buy the Edu version, you cannot install the software on the EV3 because the EV3 runs on firmware - there's a good chance the Edu firmware will be free to download, but it will work equally well - so to sum up, yes, you can use the retail software with the Edu set, but you won't have all the Edu content (models and educator etc).

NeXT-Generation said...

Yes, you won't have access to the Edu models and educator, but the retail software does in fact include blocks for the retail sensors. You just need to enable them.

NeXT-Generation said...

*It includes blocks for the *Edu* sensors. You need to enable them manually.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Or just download the blocks for EDU specific sensors, from LMS website, and install them with retail software.

NeXT-Generation said...

Oh. I didn't notice they had them.

GuiliuG said...

Ok. In fact, I want to buy the edu version because I find the sensors it get more attractive than the retail version with its infrared controller. But I read somewhere that the software for the edu version would cost 100euros, to add to the initial 350euros of the edu version. As I'm a noob in the programmation world, I don't understand everything. Guess I should just buy one and learn how it works, to understand what I can programm with the EV3 software.

Jetro said...

Don't worry about being a noob. Programming is very easy with X3 (the EV3 software. Just get the kit you like best and start having fun.

Alex Campos said...

Indeed, having had a horrendous past experience with LabVIEW (the programming environment X3 is based on), I found X3 extremely easy and pleasant to use.

But I'm still eagerly waiting for a good ol' text-based environment like NQC and NXC!

TechnicBRICKs said...

I've worked with LabVIEW about 17-18 years ago and enjoyed it a lot.
It was very effective to develop fast applications, not so good IMO for very large applications.

Although it was the "codename" during development, don't think X3 to be the name for the standard EV3 software IDE.

Meanwhile you should know that latest BricxCC test releases already have limited support for EV3.

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