Friday, August 23, 2013

First rumors on 1H14 LEGO Technic sets

Today we heard the first rumors about the 1H14 LEGO Technic sets.

According to a post at All About Bricks blog, they should be:

They're 7 new sets, exactly the same amount released in the 1H of 2013. If it follows the same tendency as in previous years, these should include the January releases as well as the release of one larger set in March.
In 2013 this was the set with the lowest reference number. If the logic gets repeated, this would be a twin-rotor helicopter this time.

Looking for repeating patterns, some fans have been suggesting that 42026 and 42027, might be the new pull-back models for next year.

But the most intriguing reference is 42023 Construction Crew... There is no other meaning for the word "crew" than a group of people.
A group of construction workers in a form of the old Techfigs, would be epic!
Finally a crew for our lovely large scale construction machines.
Guess this set will remain a mystery until we get to see some early pics...


rherberg said...

maybe construction crew will be a collection of construction vehicles?

TechnicBRICKs said...

Yes, likely!

A set of small machines.
Also thought about that!

Junkstyle Gio said... zays:
CREW: a group of persons involved in a particular kind of work or working together: the crew of a train; a wrecking crew.

Never the less: this list still could be the figment of anyones imagination.

Thebicyclestory said...

Fingers crossed for Techfigs!

Can't wait for pics... :)

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the
42003 Action Race Car (1H13)?

crowkillers said...

I am really doubting the return of Techfigs... Most likely a group of vehicles...

Also hoping for some new elements...

Unknown said...

There's some explanations of these sets from Egor "rm8" on this blog:

'Constrution Crew' is a set of 3 construction vehicles.
Largest set is 42024 'Container Truck'.
42022 'Hot Rod' is a sleek and nice styled model.

Unknown said...

Same explanations are here in english:

Also so now we have some ideas of what will be at 2014 H1, it would good to start thinking about new TB TechChallenge 2013 :)

Alex Campos said...

Yes, I'm afraid the "Crew" designation most likely means a team of vehicles, like the 8872 and the 42009-B. As awesome as techfigs are, they're very complex (and therefore expensive) to assemble and automatically impose limits on the scale of the machines they're supposed to operate.

I'm optimistic about the 42020: I'd guess it'll introduce a mechanism innovative to "micro-sets" in the form of the rotors. If it's in the form of a Chinook I'd like to see also a manually-openable cargo ramp, or, if it's more like an Osprey, manually tiltable rotors.

I don't see what can the Snowmobile offer more than the 8272 apart from a cylinder engine, but from the smallish model number I doubt that. Maybe a smaller model, without front suspension and with small tread links instead of the new, larger ones?

If the Container Truck is indeed of the kind of the 8052, I don't know what more it can offer, besides again a cylinder engine. The tipping/loading mechanism on the 8052 is beautifully implemented and I don't see any way that it can be improved with a larger scale.

As for the last two, indeed they look like pull-back models! Not only that, but also slight variations on this year's sets. I hope that, if they also have instructions for a combined model, it will make use of more parts from each one. A monster truck, using both motors, would be nice!

At the size suggested by the set number, the Hot Rod can have any kind of functions. I'd bet it is either red, or hopefully some more garish colour scheme.

Allanp said...

It's kinda interesting to see the names of the sets and i'm surely greatful for any news, thankyou. But these sets could all be wonderful with lots of amazing new parts, or they could all be just crap, more of the same gearboxes and LAs which has been done to death, so i'm reserving judgment for now as the set names really tells me nothing as to if they are any good.

Ian said...

Here's the new parts I'm really desperate for...

- A clutched 20t Double
- A driving ring in either 1 or 3 studs, the half stud offset is very annoying!!

Anyone else see a desperate need for these?

Allanp said...

I deffinately want clutch gears in more sizes, ideally 5 in all which would be 16t, 18t, 20t, 22t and 24t, with these you could make an awesome gearbox. And yeah, the half stud offset is very annoying and left over from the studded era. The whole system needs to be revamped, as well as the pneumatic system.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a very lame line-up. I've lost all interest in modern TECHNIC; the visual designs are so plain and uninspired compared to the 90's where LEGO would apply a cool post-modern flair to the models.

Then there's the transition to almost 100% studless. Back in the 90's to about 2005, kits would have a healthy balance of studded + studless + plates & bricks, which was much more fun to build. Now kits are entirely studless, hardly even any plates are involved.

Just look at the 42000 F1 car. How did LEGO go from the beautiful design of the 200 8458 Silver Champion in 2000 to that thing. Fake rubber wheels, colour mash connectors, 100% studless, uninspired art design. It's so disappointing.

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