Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Good news, bad news or postponed news?

... well news, after all!

Today Tim Courtney from LEGO CUUSOO announced the results of the latest LEGO Reviews (Winter 2012, Spring and Summer 2013).

There were 10 projects under review and #006 Exo Suit from Peter Reid (Legoloverman) will be the next CUUSOO official set.

I'm really happy with this outcome, as I really enjoyed Peter's model, even before it was on CUUSOO, as many of his other awesome models. IMO this was proposal that really gathered a genuine LEGO fans community support!
And after all it includes some nice Technic parts with it! At least in the original model, as we don't know yet what the final model will look like in shelves.
It will definitely become my first LEGO CUUSOO set!

While this was already enough to make a post here at TBs , there's still something else in the end of the video that could make many of us here hold breath for a while. I must confess I was not expecting it when the announcement was already getting into the end, neither that Sheepo's Land-Rover Defender 110 could go that far in the evaluation process.

That's it, there is not yet a final decision on this one, and it will remain in the evaluation process until there is a decision on whether it will be released as a set!
At least there is still an hope. While something could still prevent this to become a LEGO CUUSOO set, at least it seems it already passed some difficult steps in the review process.

Certainly a good excuse for the next TBs poll!


Kenneth Westelinck said...

That's great news. Maybe they will redesign Sheepo's set to look less like a Land Rover defender. That way they won't have any IP issues.
This would make a nice 2H2014 bigger set :)

Allanp said...

I love Sheepo's 110 but I'm a bit surprised that they are still thinking about it. Please don't get me wrong on this one, I'm very glad that they are still thinking about it, but I understand and appreciate there are reasons preventing it from being a set. For me, the best case scenario would be a release unlike any other, where they say "ok, it can't be released as a cuusoo set as it would be too different from the original to the point where it loses whatever it had that attracted people to it in the first place however, it can be put to the technic design team where they will look at it and see if they can release it as an official technic set. This allows us to FINALLY put many new parts into production which will enable us to keep this models attractiveness. Of course, Sheepo's name will be on the box and the % in his bank account!" And eventually, in my best case scenario this would lead to the release of a version of this set along with leaf springs and a host of new gearbox, indexing and drivetrain components witch would be of huge benefit to many future technic products and make technic better as a whole. This would make the model itself equal to it's currently (only currently) unreachable ambition whilst maintaining out of the box working perfection. If nothing else happens it would be a real shame, but at least it goes to show that the first and only technic model to reach 10000 votes is one that places mechanical authenticity as it's highest goal, despite the current selection of parts being to blame for it not reaching that goal. The RC aspect of it is built around the core mechanics, as opposed to sets like the crawler or bulldozer which feel as if the RC aspect is the core mechanics of the set.

kABUSE said...

Maybe they will consider to release this set along with a new generation of motors and RC components? That would be awesome. Like a higher capacity LiPo powered battery box, an receiver/esc that can control far more motors and maybe 2,4ghz RC components.

The only hurdle seems to be the amount of motors in this set, which is definitely too high at the current state, no matter how you turn it. Also lego will refuse to power that many motors with a single battery box. Now try to fit a second battery box into that vehicle.

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