Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TBs TechPoll 40 - Will Sheepo's Land-Rover Defender, pass the CUUSOO review?

In the sequence of the LEGO CUUSOO review results published today, decided to setup a poll, to know what do you think.

Will Sheepo's Land-Rover Defender 110, pass the CUUSOO review?

  • Yes, think so!
  • No, don't think so!

Never a TBs poll had so few possible choices...
Tell us your guess! The poll is running for a week.


zendrium said...

I think this thing, cool as it is, is not going to pass, given the perpetual killjoys that run the show.

Dave said...

Yeah, Lego CUUSOO is a cruel hoax that entices people to submit elaborate Technic MOCs. Many end up being disapproved because (1) TLG has no license with Land Rover ir (2) the MOC uses too many parts to be profitable.

Blakbird said...

Besides the choices "will the Defender be produced", there should also be the options "should the Defender be produced". You would probably get 100% positive on the second. This will help show the disconnect between what we want and what we expect to happen.

TechnicBRICKs said...


You're probably right, but just wanted a yes/no question this time, so we won't have the answers split amongst multiple choices. Perhaps another poll, depending on the result of this one. :)

Junkstyle Gio said...

Like Blakbird said... But even more: If the Sheepo Defender woud be taken up on the Cuusoo prgramme it would certainly be "Dumbed-Down" and I guess we won't that to happen.

Unknown said...

I buy the instruction of the Defender, and honestly, I think it will be very difficult to see it in production. It is more complex to build and more difficult to setup (the first time that i have build the gerbox it doesn't work perfectly) than the "classic" Technic models, besides, considering that I had a good 95% of pieces, I spent about 80 € on BrickLink to recover the remaining part, so I think that the final price would still be very high, I doubt that the official set will be lower than 300€ in this configuration.
If LEGO does a downgrade of the function, I think it would lose charm.

Alex Campos said...

Considering TLG didn't outright flunk the project, and the success of the 41999 Special Efition Crawler, I believe they will catch the opportunity to continue this kind of Technic "awareness campaign".

However, it's always good to remember Cuusoo is about presenting concepts, not necessarily final models (best case: Minecraft).

So, I strongly believe TLG will secure a license with Land Rover and produce a Defender. However, it will surely be heavily simplified from the current project (here the "how much would you be willing to pay" field has great importance), perhaps with a degree of detail, complexity and price similar to the 8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400, but with more emphasis on transmission (like the last Supercar produced, the 8466 Off-Roader) rather than other functions.

Allanp said...

It can certainly be simplified and made more reliable whilst maintaining it's size and functionality and much of it's appeal, but it needs new parts to do that. just look at a real landrover transmission, it's much simpler (and more reliable) than Sheepos version. An RC gear shift mechanism can also be made much simper with new parts, not to discredit Sheepo, he did the best he could with the parts available. That's why I think it should be handed over to the technic team. I don't know if cuusoo has the ability to produce the needed new parts.

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