Sunday, December 22, 2013

Building Instructions for 1H2014 LEGO Technic sets, available at

A page for each model and the building instructions PDF documents for 1H2014 LEGO Technic sets were recently made available at website.
As usual when it comes to publish LEGO Technic BI someone mixed up a few documents and the end result is not complete in some cases, nor straight forward to get in other cases.

In general the B-models instructions which do not come already on paper in the actual boxes, are still not available online either, as we write this post. They should become available sometime ahead, tough.

Usually LEGO produces two versions of the same BIs (one for NA and another for ROW commonly referred as IN for 'International') whose difference is usually almost unnoticeable. This time someone numbered all them in sequence and uploaded the several documents without distinction so that you need to be fishing for what you want and removing the duplicates.

You can download the documents from the official website, or from the links below where I've always removed one of the duplicates.

  • 42020 (Main Model - Twin-rotor Helicopter)
    Book 1/1 (4,49MB)

  • 42020 (B-Model - Helicopter)
    Book 1/1 (4,08MB)

  • 42021 (Main Model - Snowmobile)
    Book 1/1 (33,8MB)

  • 42021 (B-Model - Snowbike)
    Book 1/1 (24,9MB)

  • 42022 (Main Model - Hot Rod)
    Book 1/1 (82,0MB)

  • 42022 (B-Model - Sports Car)
    Book 1/1 (67,4MB)

  • 42026 (Main Model - Black Champion Racer)
    Book 1/1 (5,36MB)

  • 42027 (Main Model - Desert Racer)
    Book 1/1 (5,86MB)

  • 42026 + 42027 (Combi B-Model - Race Truck)
    Book 1/1 (21,5MB)

Now we just need the get models themselves available...

Post updated for completion and links update.
Introductory text not changed.

Last Update: 2014.Jan.12 23:12 CET


Unknown said...

Guys the building instructions for the main model of the helicopter are already out.

Olá Fernando, não sei se você não encontrou ou se na hora da publicação do post você ainda não tinha visto, mas as instruções do modelo do REVERSETechnicChallenge, já estão disponíveis, e as auto avaliações podem começar, só queria saber se erros na listagem das peças, podem ser descontados caso elas não tenham sido utilizadas no modelo A ou se (como de costume forem peças adicionais do set).

Acho que seria bom deixar os competidores sabendo.

TechnicBRICKs said...

@Gabriel Leite

Apenas serão consideradas as peças utilizadas no modelo A.

Ryan said...

Haha i made SO many mistakes, mainly for parts that were not visible on any of the pictures and made me gues...

Shimon430 said...

wow... the 4th L shape black liftarm was a spare part? such shame when all the hidden parts were correct but some easy things weren't noticed since i was too busy searching a place for that liftarm.. -_-

Unknown said...

Yes, it's surprise for me, that this L shape liftarm was not used in A model. The first try actually was more correct, but after that I've found a place for this liftarm... and this caused to make some bad changes... :) Also there were few suprises for me about axes, - some of them were different than I've expected :) - I've used regular ones, instead of axes with stops, except one... Anyway, hope to see some results soon :)

Luc2000 said...

Since there are so many entries, maybe people could count their own mismatches, mail them to you, so you can then check the 10 highest. Saves you a lot of time.

Looks like I did OK. As far as I can see I only had a 6L axle instead of a 5.5L at the back, and a blue 3L pin instead of a grey 3L with a 2L axle pin.

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