Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2H14 Flagship debut at Nuremberg Toy Fair

Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014 will open tomorrow, and we already got a first video with great quality, of the new LEGO Technic flagship - The licensed 42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader that you have been expecting to see since some weeks.

Some short comments that I'll try to update later today with more details:
  • New mold and huge bucket as anticipated, which justifies the larger box.
    Volvo L350F specific design.
  • 4x Unimog tires as we already knew.
  • New yellow wheels for this size.
  • Portal axles on the front axis mounted at horizontal, as it seems to me.
  • Differential on the front axis, which suggests an articulated 4WD vehicle!?
  • 3 large linear actuators. It looks they're driven by one M-motor plus one L-motor (as seen from the box in the video). The M-motor is clearly seen in the video.
    We was expecting two L-motors as depicted in the preliminary box artwork, although we already new the previously advanced motor configuration was not 100% accurate.
  • Steering is too fast and shaky or jerky. It looks it is geared by the PF servo motor, as some have feared.
    The video suggests there is no return to center!? Can't be... or is it too heavy for RTC?...
  • The PF remotes setup looks a bit strange in the box!?? (It was the same with preliminary image).
    Has it something to do with RTC mystery? Can't see how...
  • Two IR receivers in the back
  • And most likely an XL motor to drive this beast...
  • New Green engine blocks (most likely Dark Green).

Delight yourself with this videos!


Alessandro Bartoli said...

Nice looking model. Thanks for posting! Weaknesses in my opnion the steering and the driving (too fast gearing).

Unknown said...

The box shows one medium one large and one X-large plus a servo.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Indeed! I'll correct the post.
On the preliminary images there were 2 Large and no Medium.

Unknown said...

Looking closely at the HD video I think the medium (located at the front) is for tipping the bucket and the large (right behind the medium one, the mounting brackets look like the large motor ones) is for raising/lowering the arms.

I hope the amount of PFs don't make this set too expensive because it looks amazing.

rherberg said...

why does it have green engine blocks? Is that also the case with the real vehicle? But still better than always the same colour

kABUSE said...

The steering and driving looks awful. Hope they will change that.

I wonder whether there are V2 receivers in it.

Also wonder about the part count. Around 1,600 is my guess.

I dont understand this statement:
"The video suggests there is no return to center!?"
I find it clear as day that the steering is done by the servo. How should it not have RTC? I dont quite get it.

I also dont understand how the remotes are supposed to look different. They always looked like that? :S

Or could you bring a comparison picture?

Unknown said...

The small remote levers are RTC so they move back to their centered position unless you keep the pressure and the servo follows them, also it doesn't work proportionally with them so it's all left or right but no middle point, if they used the large remote you would be able to steer with fine control and without RTC.

They look weird cause the left one is a photoshop copy of the right one, including the "steering wheel" mechanism :P

crowkillers said...

Who are these people that set these models up for the shows..? In one video of the Loader one wheel is on one way while the other is the way on the box and in the video of the truck the mirrors are turned inwards... I wish Lego would pay me to do these shows.. I'll at least make sure the models are set up properly... XD

Unknown said...

I guess the engine block of the real machine is green or at least greenish when new - i like it! I mean the engine block, and the bucket and the wheels, und the whole PF package - but everything else - not so much.

Tom K said...

wow. just wow. this is a must buy. reminds me of playing with my big tonka trucks back in the day. guessing this is going to be in the $200 range??

kABUSE said...

I am quite sure it wont cost more than the excavator. Also note that every motor seems to bo connected to its function directly. No function shifting within the model.

I really hope they at least put V2 receivers in the set.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Sorry guys to left you without feedback for so many hours...

This is my daughter birthday and a man gotta do, what a man gotta do! :)


Yes the real Volvo machine has a green engine. When clean... :)

Price should be in the 200€ range I guess. Like the latest flagships.

Regarding my RTC statement, I would expect it to be RTC because the servo is and the PF remote sticks are too.
Although in the video, sometimes it doesn't seem to RTC, unless the operator his holding the remote stick while playing other functions, which is kind of unexpected. The model should also have difficulties to RTC, while not moving.
So it remains a bit mysterious and we need some more videos or some testify.

As for the remotes I also believe they are Photoshoped and duplicated. Although and again this is a bit strange, because they have changed the motors indication at the PF strip, since the first preliminary image in the dealers catalog, so they could/should also have fixed this for the Nuremberg Toy Fair!?
Unless there is a new remote to pair with the old one, which is still not ready. But I find it extremely unlikely... :P

kABUSE said...

Maybe, just maybe the driving and steering looks so awful because it is done with an old style remote control?

If you are right it might be possible to steer stepwise with the sticks of the remote, and also to increase the motor speed steadily. It would be perfect.

TechnicBRICKs said...

When I wrote this, I didn't realize the remotes are also visible in the video.
Then I'm pretty sure they're using two of the standard PF remotes, and the image in the box is just a bad photoshop, because instead of taking a new photo, they have reused the remote image from 9398 box and duplicated it... :P

Will rewrite this post with my latst observations. :)

MikeTwo said...

Fernando I think there are 2 Large motors in the set.
If you look at the picture from "Fedro"


There is a number in front of the Large Motor and it looks like a 2. The infrared Receivers are V2.

MikeTwo said...

Oh no I think I am wrong.... It a X and not a 2....

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