Saturday, January 4, 2014

TBs TechPoll 41 (Results) - Most popular and Best selling 2013 LEGO Technic sets

And here we are already in 2014. Time to find about new 2H sets and for the results on the last yearly poll about the "Most popular and Best selling 2013 LEGO Technic sets" at TBs . Almost 700 answered to this poll, so we hope the response to be statistically representative about the facts.

This year and despite the absolute dominance and favoritism of 42009 Mobile Crane MK II, we got a different population for the two podiums, which is an interesting fact and probably partially explained by the limited availability of 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition.

See below the results from the polls that closed recently and find the most successful LEGO Technic sets in 2013.

As done in the previous years, we have again decided to run both polls in parallel, so that we can achieve the most consistent results.

As it is already usual we see about 200 voters difference among both polls, the same number as it happened to be in 2011 and 2012. If it corresponds to fans following us here, but not buying any Technic set all, will again remain to know... Once more I forgot to add the "Didn't buy any of these" option... Hope to remember the next time.

For a change we didn't get the same three sets in the exact same order, in both polls ('Best Set' and 'Most Bought'), this time. We got 2H sets only on the 'Best Set' poll (42009, 41999 and 42008), and a majority of 1H sets in the 'Most Bought' poll (42009, 42006 and 42000) which is somehow a surprise. Personally I would have expected to see 42008 Service Truck performing a lot better, although it follows close in fourth place among the most sold. Maybe the yellow is still the favorite color after all, or at least the green not that appealing to most of you...

As usual the smaller sets didn't get any expression among the best, but still sell reasonably well among our readership. If we go into the not affiliated general public, they should dominate the sales, I'd expect.

Now let's see the 2013 winners in both categories, side-by-side!

The Best
2013 LEGO Technic sets
The Best Selling
2013 LEGO Technic sets *
42009, Mobile Crane MK II 1st Place 42009, Mobile Crane MK II

41999, 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition 2nd Place 42006, Excavator

42008, Service Truck 3rd Place 42008, Grand Prix Racer

By the end of the year, will come back with similar polls, for the 2014 sets. These already promise a big fight for the podium!...

1 comment:

Mark Bellis said...

The "Which have you bought" statistics are skewed by the fact that one could only register "at least 1" of a set. I bought 3 42000 Grand Prix Racers.

There were some off-putting features of some sets that meant I haven't bought them yet:
42002: Not as good as the old Hovercraft with rubber parts that attach to angled studded beams.
42006: I have all the parts already.
42007: Only the tyres are new.
41999: I have the functional parts from 2 9398 Crawlers and I'm not into dark blue so there was no point.
42008: I like the green and the small pneumatics but the rest is nothing new. Might buy later.
42009: The red z8 cogs are new but little else. I preferred 8421's pneumatics and its more-powerful motor.

H2 sets seem to suffer from having fewer new parts that have not already been released in H1 sets. I look at sets more as parts packs nowadays, since I have a large collection already. I tend not to build many whole MOCs because the community is so large now - there will always be someone who either finishes first at the standard xxx model at xxx scale or doesn't like the result! As an engineer I do more proof of concept stuff which tends to find particular pieces useful but hopefully encourages people to try new mechanisms.

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