Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week TechVideo, 2014 #15 - Rotating LED beacon

Long ago when I saw the first version of PistenBully 600 [1, 2] by Freggel, I was amazed with the model itself but specially with his custom rotating light beacons.
Was wondering how did he made them, but didn't took much time investigating what it might be.

More recently there has been a discussion at EuroBricks around a beacon prototype made by a Russian AFOL, but without much useful details disclosed, that would help to reproduce the effect.

Fortunately yesterday Freggel published one video where he discloses the secret behind the rotating LED beacons in his PistenBully.

Based on the hints given I found these are made with a small component sold by, a webshop specialized in selling accessories for scale groomers.
Here he uses the 1:16 rotating LED beacon, and there are also other scales (1:12 and 1:8) available.
Although the unit prices are really steep - 38,50€ for a single unit, and 35,00€ if you buy 3 or more. Eventually worthwhile if you want to make a MOC of your really unique.

In the sequence of my investigation also found this is a new beacon version. It seems that all started with a Freggel own design, as seen in the documentation available from his website [3, 4, 5].


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Ryan said...

Should this not be video #14???

TechnicBRICKs said...


Week Techvideo numbering follows calendar week numbering.
Sometimes there is leap if I miss one week or more.

Here it became more visible because there was no posts in between... :)

Quite busy preparing another PLUG large event... :)

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