Monday, June 2, 2014

TBs TechChallenge, 2013 - Reverse 42020 - The submissions

It was with huge delay that I've concluded the evaluation of the TechREVERSE Challenge 2013 models you have submitted, the last weekend.

As you might remember the set 42020 Twin Rotor Helicopter, was the set chosen for the challenge this year.

Never an excuse is good enough, but I'd like to mention we've got an absolute record of models to analyze this time. The total amount of valid submissions were 32, which was an huge feat to judge and count all the mismatches.
Although it was a relative easy job for the LDD entries, things turned quite heavier for the SR3D and LDraw/MPD files submitted. Just because each one seems to have his own set of official and unofficial parts installed... Although LDraw maintains a good organization of its parts library, there are some flaws which can make you crazy when it comes to open files coming from several different sources (contestants in this case).
With the help of some experts I ended finding my own workarounds for the difficulties popping in my front.

Although I've the results "already" available, as usual I'll post first the list of participants and respective renders, and then will announce the challenge winners in a couple of days.

Once more the majority of the participants have chosen LDD, but some have instead decided to use SR3D or LDraw/MPD for their entries. Below the preferences distribution this time.
  • LDraw -3
  • LDraw (MPD) - 2
  • SR3D - 5
  • LDD - 22

Now in order of their entrance in the challenge, here are the submissions, the respective authors and their nationalities:
  • Jan Mudrack (laix-engineering) - D
  • Miha Maraž (MajklSpajkl) - SI
  • Han Crielaard (Designer-Han) - NL
  • Owen Dive (Captainowie) - AU
  • Gabriel Leite - BR
  • Florian Riedl (Balrog) - D
  • Nathanaël Kuipers (Industrial Designer) - NL / SE
  • Jonathan Garcia (Timoonn) - FR
  • (Ryan Welsh) - NL
  • George Weerts (GWorks) 
  • Petr Mlčoch (Foton) - CZ
  • Jernej Krmelj (Zblj1987) - SI
  • Andrew Hagberr (Saberwing40k) - US
  • Stephan den Ridder (Stephan3321) - NL
  • Robert Schneiduch (R0Sch) - RO
  • Algirdas Lašas (Lashas) - LT
  • Jeremy Streatfeild - AU
  • Michael Kamas (CAReverseEngineering) - US
  • Philippe Hurbain (Philo) - FR
  • Alex Marik - BR
  • Tomáš Vít (X-Sonic) - CZ
  • Michael (bachaddict) - NZ
  • (zukee) - KR
  • Jan Guerquin (rotor) 
  • Christophe Siquet (csiquet) - PT
  • Eric Albrecht (Blakbird) - US
  • Luc Worms (Luc2000) - NL
  • Kiwon Chang (2B1G) - KR
  • Ismaël Juhoor (Khan) - FR
  • Matej Pukancik (Puki) - SK
  • Shimon Bogomolov (Shimon) - IL
  • Kamen Daaliysky (le60head) - BG

A good diversity in terms of the countries represented by these participants, as you can see. And one participation from my homeland for the first time!
Bellow one render from each participant, in the same order of submission, from the left to the right.

Submitted renders:

With so many entries it was a bit difficult to choose just one, hence I ended choosing a few and these were the renders or artwork that most captured my attention. Respectively from Han Crielaard (Designer-Han), Florian Riedl (Balrog) and Ismaël Juhoor (Khan).

Let me express here how we appreciate the time you spent to participate in this 5th edition of  the TechREVERSE Challenge, although the participation level was a bit overwhelming and quite challenging in itself this time...
Also a big thanks for the LEGO Technic Design Team for having accepted to collaborate with TBs once more with this Challenge and for supporting us with all the prizes to give away.

We will return with the winners announcement quite soon! Promised!!


Balrog said...

I am truly flattered, that my simple render caught your eye :3

TechnicBRICKs said...


Although I don't know how did you do it. :)

Balrog said...

@Fernando that is pretty easy. In LDD2POV is a option that let's you render the outlines of the pieces. If enabled, the surface of pieces will get a more "flat" look and this comic style is achieved. Also, this is (in my opinion) rendering a lot faster than regularly.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Oh, thanks for the hints! :)

Balrog said...

Perhaps I should write a blog post about this for my blog.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Definitely! :)

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