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TBs TechChallenge, 2013 - Reverse 42020 - The results


As promised here we go for the TBs TechREVERSE 2013 Challenge results.

As you already know we got a lot more participants in this edition than in previous years. The model 42020 Twin Rotor Helicopter had also some well hidden secrets very hard to guess, which lead into a considerable amount of mismatches to annotate.

I've started evaluating the LDD submissions, then SR3D and finally the LDraw ones. As we move it was progressively possible to determine the amount of mismatches incurred by the most accurate participations and those which had no chance to qualify after accumulating a certain amount of mismatches. For this reason or because after a certain point the models details deviated considerably from the original, making it very difficult to continue counting mismatches in a consistent way, you will find many entries where the evaluation just states mismatches above a certain value, without identifying the exact amount of mismatches present.

In case you pretend to verify the mismatch count relative to your submission here it is the link to download the official building instructions for 42002. Also the parts list from this model can be found at the end of these instructions.

As previously announced [1] TBs got some sets to prize those who have made the best guesses on how to build the model under contest. These are, one 42024 Container Truck, one 42022 Hot Rod for the 2nd place and a couple of 42020s for the next two.

These will be shipping very soon and meanwhile I'll leave you again with a group photo below.
As it is already a tradition from TechREVERSE, you will get each box signed by the respective Designer, which makes these very special prizes - 42020 by Milan Reindl (Grohl), 42022 by Uwe Wabra (UFGE) and 42024 by Alfred Pederson (Alfredo).

Some of the mistakes were relative common among the participants this time, but the most difficult part and where we found the most diverse solutions proposed by this challenge participants was at the backside where the hatch was almost totally invisible.

As usual you may find the details at the evaluation PDF file, available here.

And finally we must disclose the winning entry to the TBs TechREVERSE 2013 Challenge... Shimon Bogomolov (Shimon) from Israel, who will get the first prize!

The overall prizes distribution goes for,
  • 1st (39 penalties) - Shimon Bogomolov (Shimon), IL - 42024 Container Truck
  • 2nd (55 penalties) - Luc Worms (Luc2000), NL - 42022 Hot Rod
  • 3rd (61 penalties) - Tomáš Vít (X-Sonic), CZ - 42020 Twin Rotor Helicopter
  • 4th (67 penalties) - Philippe Hurbain (Philo), FR- 42020 Twin Rotor Helicopter

From the left to right, the remaining renders in their respective order.

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for participating into this 5th TBs TechREVERSE Challenge!

Also, I'd like to thanks all those who made this Challenge possible once more:
  • The LEGO Technic Team, for the support and for providing the nice prizes.
  • And finally of course, all those who were engaged with this Challenge, either by sending their submissions or the enthusiasm joining the initiative by leaving their comments to the respective posts.

Hopefully we can repeat this again, with some 2015 model....

Although if the participation level tends to be the same, I must find some way to do it that does not make the evaluation process so long and stressful...
I've been thinking about several possible solutions but the most probable to go live is about asking every participant to do his own evaluation an count mismatch. Then I'll focus lets say on the 8 most accurate entries (presumably) or so, to make my own mismatch count, for verification and guarantee the required homogeneity in the evaluation criteria.

It sounds doable, but we will see how to proceed when the time arrives.

The prizes shipping costs are sponsored by TBs , with the revenue generated from the LEGO ads. Please do not forget to help us supporting these costs, whenever you do your LEGO purchases from, accessing the LEGO online shop from the ads displayed in this blog.

PS: I'll hold the prizes shipping till the end of this week, just in case someone wishes to raise a claim regarding the assessment of their mismatches/penalties and overall classification.


MajklSpajkl said...

Congratulations to the winners!!! I am quite satisfied with my result because after the official instructions for the set came out, I thought I did much worse :) Thank you TB for a great contest, looking forward to the next one. Good job also on the deep evaluation of each entry, regarding to the pdf file it really was a huge amount of work.

Balrog said...

Congratulations to all winners.

To be honest, I am a bit disappointed about myself, but I am already counting the days until the next challenge.

R0Sch said...

Thank you Fernando for your effort. It is well appreciated. For the future evaluation I recommend that ALL users work with LDD so the list of pieces can be exported to Excel format and compared very easily, unlike other 3D software. And the rendering should not be a condition, as I can see, the winner just did a screenshot anyway.
Can't wait for the next challenge.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Restricting the challenge to LDD would definitely help a lot with the evaluation process.

Although it would be a shame to exclude the fan community efforts developing these tools (that were developed even before TLG decided to develop LDD). So I'll avoid until I can.
In some cases LDD also doesn't offer a solution, like for instance to bend certain rigged hoses or soft axles (at least it was the case the last time I tried it...).

Additionally the evaluation process can't be done from an Excel exported list of elements. Elements must be also checked again position, orientation, etc...
So it is done against the BI, removing elements one by one, from the last step until the first one. That's why it takes so much time, work and attention.

Sometimes I've even to fight against the tools that keep crashing as I handle the submitted files, removing parts one by one, and repeating all over again and again...
It was the case with one SR3D file this round.

Philo said...

Congratulations to all contestants, special felicitations to Shimon, achieving only 39 penalties on this one is no small feat!
I am quite surprised (and pleased!) to have made it to the top 4 this time, competition was tough!

Shimon430 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shimon430 said...

Thanks to everyone! it was a great challenge, cant wait for next one!

Luc2000 said...

First of all, sorry for the late response! I haven't had much time recently, so I decided to spend the little time I had left on building with real LEGO instead of visiting LEGO websites :)

Never thought I had a chance of winning something at this contest, let alone be second!
Congrats to the other winners, and of course thanks to Fernando for organising this contest. To have the participants check their own submission sounds like a good idea, should save you a lot of time.

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