Thursday, July 24, 2014

TBs TechPoll 42 - Your SBrick preferences

You all should have heard about SBrick by now, and I remembered it could be interesting to know something about your preferences and the uses you'll make of this.
Please realize this is a unofficial poll of TBs own responsibility and it doesn't bound the SBrick team to the results that will be found here.

First and since SBrick is planned at the moment to be produced in four colors (Black, LBG, Red and Yellow) I thought it would be interesting to know which are the preferences of the community. Eventually this could help the SBrick team to decide on the production amount of each color or even decide for another ones.
Although and because this is a BLE remote controlled device, SBrick can be buried inside your models causing the color to be a less important aspect, this is not necessarily the case regardless you use it in a Technic model or Trains layout. Hence the color could become important for you if you need or decide to leave the SBrick visible in your models. When the SBrick is left visible there are colors more neutral than others that better fit with a wide range of models, or you may want it to fit exactly with a specific model color scheme.
So the poll is:

Which color do I want my SBrick to be? 
  • Black
  • Light Bluish Gray
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Other (please specify)

This is a multiple option poll because you may plan to acquire several production SBricks. Please realize that most pledge options at Kickstarter will not allow you to choose the color to receive. In these cases it is supposed you to receive a random color from the first production batch (hence the community preferences profiling could be a good idea).
If you select 'Other' it would be nice if you could write down a comment to this post, specifying which color would you like to see.

What about a Trans-clear option? It might also work well as a neutral color.

Then I'm also curious to know how it splits among specific LEGO Fan communities or themes preference if you prefer. Which means the question to answer is:

What will be the main use I will give to my SBricks?
  • Technic models
  • Trains and train layouts automation
  • Other

This is a single choice poll as I'm looking here for the main application you will give to SBrick, or the theme where you're most in?
Naturally you could also specify in the comments, other uses you're planning for this regardless it is your main intended use or not.
And of course this is a Technic driven blog, so the results might get biased. It would be interesting to see similar poll in a LEGO Trains fan blog.

These polls will run for one week. Looking forward for your inputs!

Have you made your pledge already? No? What are you waiting for
SBrick is expected to reach today the 50% mark of its funding goal. But we have still half way to go and further stretch goals to run for!


Kenneth Westelinck said...

I would like to have it in another color than the one's available in the poll. I really like it to be trans-clear :)

In my case, chances are few the brick will ever be visible in my models (Technic). Even in trains, which are 6 wide nowadays, the brick will be buried somewhere inside the model.

So, like you said, color might not matter that much, but if I was allowed to choose one, definitely trans-clear :)

Unknown said...

I prefer a different color: clear-transparent or even better dark-transparent! :D

Blakbird said...

Given that this is a Technic blog and you have Technic readers, your poll results are obviously going to be skewed toward Technic uses. A train blog would probably get different answers.

S-Brick looks cool! My phone is far too pathetic to act as a controller, but I am intrigued by the idea of using a PS3 controller.

TechnicBRICKs said...


I've tried to contact stuff at RAILBRICKS to give some exposure to SBrick, but didn't succeed.
It seems pretty dead, now as we do not see activity for the last two months.
That would allow us to have also a poll running there, which I'd find very useful!

Jetro said...

My first thought was LBG, but trans clear sounds (and looks) very attractive

Alex Campos said...

Besides the most neutral Black and Light (Bluish) Grey, I too would go for Trans-Clear, for the sheer coolness factor. However, trans-clear might easily become yellow over time.

Allanp said...

Trans clear does not appeal to me that much. It is not such a neutral colour when you can see a green circuit board and I don't know, seeing an electronic circuit board kinda makes it lose it's Legoiness somehow. I voted black, just as neutral and grey but cooler :)

SLFroden said...


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