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Are these the 1H 2015 LEGO Technic sets?

2014 gave us 8 new LEGO Technic sets in the first half and another 3 in the second half.
Generally the amount of new sets has increased in the last years.

Apart the Super-packs we had the distribution below across semesters:

  • 2008: 4 + 4
  • 2009: 6 + 4
  • 2010: 6 + 4
  • 2011: 7 + 3
  • 2012: 6 + 3
  • 2013: 7 + 5 (including the special 41999 in the 2H, resulting from the last Technic competition; This was also the year where we missed a set from the initial leaked sets list, 42003)
  • 2014: 8 + 3

This year we got a first list of 2015 Technic sets from a Swiss Toy online shop (Max Bersinger AG).
Searching for the new references starting with 42, we find 9 new sets. Due to the increasing amount of sets I even thought if these were not already including the 2H sets, but guess not (never happened to get both at the same time and that soon).

Google Translator converts these into:
  • 42031 - Platform
  • 42032 - Compact Track Loaders
  • 42033 - Action Rocket Car
  • 42034 - Action Quad
  • 42035 - Dump Truck
  • 42036 - Street Motorcycle
  • 42037 - Formula Off-Roader
  • 42038 - Arctic Tracked Vehicle
  • 42039 - Long Distance Race Cars

I guess the plurals on 42032 and 42039 references are just a translation issue and we should look for the singulars.

The 42033 and 42034 references look like the Pull-Back equivalent models, we have gotten since the last two years, and 42039 might be the new 1H flagship - Some sort of Le Mans racing sport car or similar.

Hopefully we won't be getting another missed reference.


1992pb said...

Is it known why 42003 was never released?
It's strange that they decided to change the numeration system because the old one with 4 digits became really messy, and the first thing they do is to skip a number :D

TechnicBRICKs said...


We never got to know the reason for the Technic team to have skipped this reference.
Just can speculate this model design may have got a large delay and the decision was to drop it.
But if we recall the posts with 2013 sets name leaks, there was a big mess around these with the numbers changing across 1H and 2H sets.
The fact is that we ended missing a reference but we can't even be sure about what name it was supposed to have or which kind of model it was supposed to be (if any). :P

Balrog said...
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Balrog said...

Sounds interesting. But we shouldn't get our hopes too high. The set names sound interesting so far, but as far as I remember the new sets with lower numbers are the smaller sets and the higher numbers are bigger sets. That means, that the Track Loader, Platform and Dump Truck are probably rather small sets, the action cars probably pullback racers. The arctic tracked vehicle being a medium set like 42028 and the long distance race car probably being in the scale of 42000 or 8070.

But, the motorcycle seems interesting enough to get, as I had previously skipped motorcycles and really regret it.

So, it's cool to already have some set numbers and names, but pictures might be way more interesting.

MajklSpajkl said...

Finally, I was hoping to hear something about 2015 sets :-) Can we hope to see tumbler tires mounted on the 42039?? That would be awesome!

papluh said...

There are some size and age range data in that catalogue. Hard to say if they are the real ones (box thickness seems to be off by the power of 10). I tried some guesses based on the previous sets data.

42031 - Hubarbeitsbühne
15.7x14x0.61 ages 7-14
Seems on par with other mini models like 42020

42032 - Kompakt-Raupenlader
26.2x14x0.48 ages 8-14
Fits models like 42002 Hovercraft, that would make it around 200 pieces.

42033 - Action Raketenauto
42034 - Action Quad
26.2x14x0.48 resp 28.2x14x0.61 ages 7-14
Same as other PullBack vehicles.

42035 - Muldenkipper
26.2x19x0.77 ages 9-16
hard to say, might be in the ballpark of 42004, 42005 a 42022. Maybe 300 pieces

42036 - Strassenmotorrad
35.4x19x0.70 ages 9-16
Similar box 91cm thicker) and age designation as older offroad bike 42007. That would make it aroun 250 pieces. I hope the scale will fit.

42037 - Formula Off-Roader
28.2x26x0.70 ages 9-16
Same box size and age range as new Bulldozer 42028, I guess without track and with bigger tires it will be less than the 600 pieces of 42028

42038 - Arktis-Kettenfahrzeug
48x28.2x0.74 ages 10-16
Box is the size of 42023, but age range is higher like 42024. I'd guess around 800 pieces (lots of track) and some LA or PF function

42039 - Langstrecken-Rennwagen
48x37.8x0.94 ages 11-16
And now ... the data is on par with 42000 Grand Prix Racer, I hope it will fit including size and complexity

TechnicBRICKs said...


Your assumptions and guesses seem quite reasonable! :)

Allanp said...

I think I am in the minority with this opinion but I personally hope the 24 hour racer does not use the tumbler tyres. Why? because it means it will have tiny wheel hubs which means there will be not enough room inside the wheel to create accurate steering. I would rather have new low profile tires with a new large and very deep wheel so that the pin holes are practically level/flush with the outer face of the tyre. I think this would create a more authentic look and well as enabling more authentic steering/suspension set-ups. Also hoping for a proper transmission this time and lots of new transmission/drive train parts.

TechnicBRICKs said...


You're right in your observations, regardless the Tumbler tires will probably look nice in a Technic where they might get included.

I'll be curious to see how the Designers will solve the suspension and steering challenges with these tire and small wheel hubs anyway.

Hopes are too small that we will ever get much realistic elements like you describe.
We have seen some custom designs addressing these, but for some reason official designers adopt much more conventional designs for the new parts they produce.
Their design guidelines and constraints might be quite restrictive.

Remember the latest worm gear design which was retired without apparent reason. Somewhere they might have found a weakness.
Really don't know what... Anything that I can imagine, looks the be even worse on the 3L u-joint (also the former 4L) and this continues being produced.

Allanp said...

My guess with the worm gear is that those bushings on the ends are not very good at handling a force applied from the side. Every other instance of that bushing design being used has force applied to it from the twisting action of the axle alone, whereas with the worm gear there is also a considerable sideways force which would cause then to break very easily. Another issue I can see with them is that if the worm gear moves slightly forwards due to poor bracing of the surrounding structure, the end of the tooth could bind with the tooth of it's mating gear. I don't own any so those are just my guesses from looking at them.

The parts I have in mind (there is a lot of them!) I think would be far less problematic than the worm gear and far more useful and versatile than the volvo bucket and open up many new avenues. Oh well, I'll just keep suggesting them until they hire me ;)

TechnicBRICKs said...


Keep trying! :)

I don't see much forces applied to the worm sideways. The resultant vector tends to be always longitudinal.

The bushes from the u-joint get a lot more stress and we don't see any design improvement to this...

Allanp said...

The sideways force is not as great at the longitudinal force, it is caused by the teeth trying to separate or click. But yeah, the UJs could also be made stronger at the ends. When they hire me I'll get right on it :)

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